(02/28/19) New! O Scale Piggly Wiggly from Menards!

RJR posted:

Dewmans, seems to me that the Menards statements are pretty clear that these 11% rebates are not usable on line--in store only.  How do you get them accepted for on line delivered-to-home orders?

They could just as easily be setup to be applied to the purchase price at checkout.

Later Gator,



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Pretty clear to me that they are not redeemable except physically at a store. I have ordered a lot more from Menards, both train and non-train, were it otherwise.  I quote from the Menards acknowledgement email:

"Please note: Rebates are provided in the form of a Menards® Merchandise Credit Check valid towards purchases at any Menards® retail store. Not valid for purchases on MENARDS.COM®. By submitting this rebate form, you agree to resolve any disputes related to rebate redemption by binding arbitration and you waive any right to file or participate in a class action. Terms and conditions available at www.rebateinternational.com®"


coach joe posted:

Cabinet Bob, you need to get a section of straight track in that curve so a quick stop would allow off loading from train right into roll up doors on the back of the Pig.  Either that or a turn-out and siding for rail deliveries.

Oh by the way I think Menard's came up with another winner.  Iconic brand in a reasonable footprint.  Gotta go to the website to see the lights in action.

I don't see a video yet on the website.


Hi RJR, I agree with you 200% concerning the Menards rebate issue policy.  I disagree 200% with the Menards rebate policy. That all I will say or write.  I am very leary, the LOD will will not allow me bite the hand that feed them.

My best regards to EVERYONE.


I certainly don't intend to blast Menard's.  Their prices are excellent and what we have bought from them has always been good quality.  When Mrs. RJR & I drive over to Kansas to visit our son & his family, we always stop by their stores and leave "a few+" dollars.  But I see nothing wrong in pointing out to Menards a fact that tends to reduce their sales.

I did order a PigglyWiggly, and have bought other structures and RR cars in the past, but would have bought more if the 11% savings had been effective.

All these neat items Menards keep churning out!!  Wish I had the layout real estate to get and display these.  Menards just goes and does the items while MTH and Lionel think about it, do market research, wait for pre orders etc then decide yeah maybe we ought to work up drawings and release this in 2022.




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I guess I really think their offerings are VERY fairly priced and pay whatever the price is for the items I want. Getting the discounts is nice but not the reason I buy -- lot of times I forget to send them in but I am still happy I got the item.

Yea, i think this is a must have. 

My wife got me the Mustang Sally Resto shop and the classic COW UFO ABDUCTION for christmas...  these were my first menards buildings and love them...

Piggly Wiggly is a must have...  it looks GREAT!  Thanks Menards!




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It was funny   Last night I was trying to order 6 items from Menards online   The total was 362.00 dollas and then when I went to checkout they wanted 344.00 dollars shipping  I was like WTF   Cancelled the order  Today I tried again and it was 24.00 shipping   Good thing

Well Piggly Wiggled onto my layout today.  Very nice, and the sign action makes it stand out.  As was pointed out above, there are no check-out stands. What is ironic is that according to Wikipedia, P-W was the first grocery store to have check-outs and grocery carts.  Like Grandpa's House, built very solid.


Menards needs to correct their packaging.  This photo shows the bottom of the package shredded that the Piggly Wiggly came in.   The Piggly Wiggly is fine and unbroken.  My American Materials Plant #2 arrived with many of the parts loose in the box that I had to reattach.  The American Materials Plant arrived with a crack in one wing of the base that I had to glue.  All the outer shipping cartons showed no damage.  

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The lighting load of the PW must be considerable.  I tested it with a 1.4 amp output wallwart, and the inside lights dimmed when the sign flashed.  I don't use the Menards wart because I don't want 120 volts running around my layout.  I'll be using AC/DC buck converters hooked to my 18-volt accessory feed and outputting 4.3 volts.

Menards ought to have such as alternate power sources.

Hadt the same problem of flickering/dimming with Menards wall wart--tried with two separate wall warts. Thanks to RJR suggestion above no problem with buck converter. Anyone have an explanation?  Appears to be problem with Menards wall wart or Piggly Wiggle--disappointing

Dewman51 posted:

Guys-- you misunderstand my question. My lights are fine -- I would like them not to be on chase mode but steady on.

Thinking not as the description has no mention of options. "The electric signage looks great. It highlights each letter of the store’s name in sequence, and then flashes the name with all letters illuminated." 

As opposed to this from the maintenance shed: "A 2-3/8" x 1-3/4" lighted "The Milwaukee Road" sign that features several different patterns of lighting effects that you control with a switch."

Though you may be able to modify or replace the controller.

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