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Over the years SpecCast, Gearbox, and other manufacturers have produced reproductions of 1930's era Metalcraft delivery and stake trucks which are perfect for hauling beer kegs on a tinplate layout.  In fact, for years I have placed on my SGMA modules a pressed steel all black SpecCast vintage delivery truck to which I attached Schlitz beer stickers.   There is a basic black one for sale right now on ebay,;hash=item2316885960


For those who prefer Bud, there is also for sale on ebay a pressed steel SpecCast reproduction of a vintage Metalcraft delivery truck complete with Budweiser logos.;hash=item5d50ede46b




PS.  See my SpecCast reproduction of a vintage Metalcraft Schlitz Beer delivery truck in action on November 8th and 9th at Trainfest 2014 in Milwaukee at State Fair Park.


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