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This past (Saturday and) Sunday we had the pleasure of riding two sets of cars that included 3 cars of the 1915 BRT/BMT Standards of the 2000 series and 6 cars of the 6000 series D type Tri-plex cars that ran for the 100th anniversary of the BRT/ BMT first subway line that opened between Brooklyn and Manhattan. I also went to one of the local stations and watch both the D types and 4 cars of the IND R1-9 cars pass by on the express track both ways. They were both really moving along. I use to live along this Brighton Line and rode both the 2000 and 6000 series cars many times and enjoyed there sounds and appearance. We had a fun day and we thank all the transit people who keep these cars in operating condition.

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Your photos posted above are great. My favorites are the Tri-plex cars. I rode them lots of times until the last ones were retired in 1965. Even got to operate them once in 1954 from Church Av. to Kings Highway stations. The boys really did a great job in restoring them. The standards are also looking great having not operated in 38 years.

See all of you this Saturday on the trip to Coney Island and points in between. I plan to sit in the second car between the two sets of power trucks just to hear the beautiful sound of these traction motors.

Yesterday was a day to remember. About 400 transit fans rode a 10 car train made up of 2 sets (6 cars) of former BMT Tri-plex D type cars built in the 1920s and 4 former IND cars built in the 1930s. Starting our journey at 11am from the NY Transit Museum, riding for 2 hours along several routes to Stillwell Av., Coney Island. Then a 1 hour ride out and return to Stillwell Av. After lunch returning to ride from Stillwell Av. though Brooklyn and into Manhattan ending at 145th St on the IND 8th Av. Line at 5pm. On several occasions our train was operating as fast as these cars have ever run.

I am so appreciative to Bill Wall and his crew of transit employees and volunteers who made this all possible. Seeing the Tri-plex D type cars looking and operating so well like almost brand new really made my day and the many others of us on this memorable day. I made some new friends both male and female. Next month I am planning to be on the ride from the shuttle platform at Grand Central to the Pelham Bay Station on the #6 line riding 4 or 5 former IRT Lo-V cars built between 1917 & 1924. One of these cars might even be a 1939 former Flushing Line worlds fair car.

Hope to see some of you on this trip. Contact the NY Transit Museum for ride information if interested.

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