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Spent the day pirating my layout for fastrack to build a layout for my grandchildren down in Phx (I live in Vegas), now that I am presumably immune from the Nasty. I had accumulated plenty of engines and rolling stock and even the necessary O36 switches for a figure 8 deal, but ran out of the O36 curves. Fortunately I had enough on the unpowered sidings. Hopefully my daughter-in-law won’t be kicking me out for this even though it’s my first post- plague visit....Not asking permission.

WOW guys, great work done by everyone!

Lee the hoppers turned out wonderful!

As for me not much and I have been working on getting the house and garage for painting. But I did get out the other morning and cut some old wire baskets up to try and scratch build some chain link fencing to go around my tank farm and service area. I didn't take any photos and its now worthy of any as of yet.

I hope everyone has a great weekend and finds time for there layout and trains. Most of all I hope your all having fun! I hope to get in the train room this week as it is spose to rain all weekend!

Back at the tree making. Working on more foreground trees. Mixed a couple of techniques I learned and then went for it. The first two trees are pre-fabricated trees that I spruced pun intended. The only thing I did was make the bark texture a bit more believable and changed/added to the foliage.

The third one is a wire tree. I have pictured the tree from the "wire" state to finished state. It turned out ok but my next one will be much fuller as far as the foliage goes.

I recently posted a video on my YouTube page on how I did my first four pre-fabricated trees. Take a look.




Images (9)
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  • 5l3SdaFmRrKivn5BML7Y0A
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Morning guys I hope your all doing well!

Dave, Outstanding work on the trees! That is really out of my realm, so as for me any trees I may need I will be buying them! But once again Outstanding work!

Well as for me I was able to get my labels printed for my gentry crane! They are not the greatest, but the grandkids can read them and thats what counts for them to have fun when there here!


Then I moved on to making a chain link fence using an old wire office box and some wire hangers. I cut the wire boxes into 1.5" strips and soldered the wire hangers together to make the back bone of my fence. I still have more to do then I will move them out the the garage for a new paint job! The first photo is what I started with.

wire basket


I hope your all having a wonderful weekend and finding to have fun with your layout and trains! I should get more time this weekend as it is spose to rain so no house painting for me!


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  • wire basket
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P51 Lee, beautiful job on making/weathering/filling the coal cars, awesome workmanship, Luvindemtrains Jack, unbelievably beautiful job on making those gorgeous trees, you have a gift for art, wow, Mike g., wow, neat labeling fir your D7F20E6F-5CF2-4F5A-A49D-4B14C4D8BCB6B2616EFA-7707-40D6-8FED-D781DD5B17DCDFB8F9DA-3C2F-4DB7-93EE-E6DC6CCEDAFBB4427B50-DCF0-478E-B6EC-593DCE8ED6E87628DD8B-D32A-481D-A76F-AD0D91C31D5Emoving gantry Crane, it’s a really cool accessory and your Layout is really coming alive, Awesome work, Seth Thomas, I like your positive comments on the different pictures shown on the different threads of the different topics, many fantastic threads all enjoyable to read, it’s nice of you to give a nod to those folks showing their pictures of the hours of hard work they do, thank you. Last Saturday I went to a train show, it was so good to see people out and about buying trains for fun. A successful day in every way. Happy Railroading Everyone


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Dave, thank you sir, I have learned alot from people like you here on the forum, I am always on the look out for something I can try to match what is being sold but dont have the extra cash for. As for me if I get it free its a great deal as my time is free to me also! LOL

Larry thank you it really means alot when you comment on my post with such an Amazing layout that you have!

Terry, nice job on the facia, just a quick question does the shelfs that have your trains on them swing out so you can get under the layout?

Everyone keep up the great work and make sure you leave time to have fun!

Today l have this  old Wabash Models grain elevator and attached shed fully framed, without opening and taking anything out of its cellophane bags..neat trick?...naw ..l used 1/4" strips vs. included 1/8", and marked up the plans.  If l use other doors and windows, l may be able to resell the kit, unused except for penciled plans.  I enlarged tower and warehouse slightly and rearranged their attachment to each other. I will add front and rear warehouse loading docks and a rear warehouse person door.

Yesterday's rain gave me an excuse to make progress on the water feature.  Improvised painting starting with black, then working in other colors.  Today found out the hard way that it was still wet in some of the thick blob areas, but since it's Sunday I kept quiet.  Going to let it dry for several more days before applying some gloss Mod Podge.  The curved track runs high on the girder bridge for swing clearance on both sides.

12x12L - Spillway paint still drying12x12L - Spillway under the bridge


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  • 12x12L - Spillway paint still drying
  • 12x12L - Spillway under the bridge

Mitch, nice idea, that way the track is always clear! LOL

Mick, the river is looking nice! I to hope you post more photos when your done!

Bob, Looks like some MTH track there, its easy and fun to lay. I have been looking for 30" and its no where to be found so now I have to find something that will match up nicely and do good outside.

As for me I was able to get my scratch build fence done and installed. don't worry I can take it out to finish scenes behind it. After that I spent the time sanding the mold injection point on all the little people I got. I hope you all had a great weekend!IMG_20210425_130957239IMG_20210425_131141148IMG_20210425_131217544


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  • IMG_20210425_130957239
  • IMG_20210425_131141148
  • IMG_20210425_131217544

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