Lee, congratulations on your 5TH anniversary. You accomplished a lot in those 5 years. I'll second what Patrick said. 

Mark, nice to see you can get to work on your layout. 

Jim, your progress is looking good. Lionelski is right. Make sure you allow enough clearance on both sides of the curved track allowing for overhang. .........Paul 2

darlander posted:

August 18

Lee,  I really like the look of the distant hills.  Did you paint them in and/or are they flocked with a fine or course turf?    They blend very nicely with the 3D vegetation.  Very nicely done!

I have an area that I would like to do something similar.   I need to blend in some distant hills to help frame the TV/Radio tower.    I was thinking of shaping and layering 1/4" foam core and covering them with shades of green paint and possibly flocking it with some fine or course turf?  



Thanks for the kind words!

The photo of mine is probably around seven feet deep to the wall, and there's a walking aisle behind the train that you can sort of make out on the right of the shot.

I made the hill profiles with MDF board, cut with a saber cutter. I then painted them green and hit them with Woodland Scenics ground foam. I made a point of covering the delineation of horizontal to vertical with either bushes, trees or a one spot where neither would fit, a long fence.

Nice work Lee.

I am installing more of the YLB 10510 Batteries in my Lionel Pennsylvania H10 steam engines.  It is a tight fit in the #1773 low tender.  The Pennsylvania H10 #7109 has a little more room in the higher tender.  The Western Allegheny with the high tender should be the same.  The power wire needs to be spliced into the gray center roller wire on each of these engines. 

I am going to contact Lionel for longer arm pick-up rollers.  All three Legacy H10 engines stall at slow speeds on my #5 switch at the Village of Deichman.

I put a YLB 10510 in my Southern Pacific #4449 this afternoon. It pulled 10 passenger cars around the layout without any sound drop-off.

Sincerely, John Rowlen


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p51 posted:

Thanks Lee for your reply and information.   I like your method and I am thinking that something similar might work in my situation.   I like the rich color and texture effect of the hills created by the flocking with ground foam.    I will give it a try and hopefully, will have something to post in a month or so.    Appreciate your input!

Cheers, Dave

PS:  You have created a fantastic layout.   Really like the scenes your create and your attention to history and detail is wonderful.    Also, I very much enjoy the special photographic posts you create with your layout.   Thanks again!

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