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What do yo miss most not being able to actually go to York?

York prices?

Actually seeing, putting you hands on trains before buying them?

The sounds, smells?

The people?

For me it's all the above, especially the people. We have a small group that still stays in contact here in Baltimore, but I miss seeing everyone I got to see and talk to at York. Some have passed, and we'll never see again. Unfortunately, that's natural, but now with the last meet a year ago, and next meet not until at least April there will be a lot more. I used to go for the deals. Fortunately met a lot of great people. They all had their established group, but freely welcomed newbees. The void since the last York has been too long. Hope to see your smiling, even some of your grumpy faces soon! 

I, for one, will make an extra effort to make the trip!

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Going for the first time. My new wife is extremely supportive of my train habit. We went to a museum in PA next to  Strasbourg RR. The time before that we had gone for a tourist ride on a different RR but got to see 2 steamers at Strasbourg running and smoking. I almost jumped out of the car. I mentioned York to her and she said I should go! That was fall of 2019. I was thinking Spring or Fall of 2020 but then the CCP virus hit.

Well, wait and see.



Seeing friends and meeting folks for the first time on this forum from around the country.

Having dinner both nights with the former AOL online train gang from 25 years ago. 

Buying trains that I do not need but want. Only looking for specific pieces these days. I have plenty.

Missing there the little old lady making the announcements to follow the arrows on the floor!!!! Priceless Memories.

@AlanRail posted:

It's been a while for me. Is the NOPHOTO rule still in effect? If so, it would seem for an on-line show that rule is down the sewer.


Still no photos allowed for Member Halls, but photos are allowed in Dealer Halls and also the Display Layouts (so in White Hall, you are allowed to take pics of the layout, but not the member tables).  I must have missed how the concept of the "on-line" show would actually relate to the EDTCA meet?  I know Trainland has undertaken running something (as they did in April), but It's not the EDTCA meet, it's a nice substitute to get people talking about trains and give the vendors an outlet to connect with an audience.  Why one would infer any sort of EDTCA rules for an in person meet would have any relevance to that event, I do not see the connection.

So I miss the "pre-York" TCA Museum Open House day and chatting with friends there, viewing all the exhibits, maybe getting a look at the Strasburg RR as it goes by, also often eating at the Red Caboose for lunch.

Oh, and of course the train meet!   Same thing with seeing friends and talking trains for 2 1/2 days.


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Wow, what a question.  Where to begin?

OK, in no particular order:

  1. In the days ahead of the meet, the anticipation of entering the world's largest "candy" store.  It's like being a kid again.
  2. Hearing the national anthem prior to opening.  I am so grateful to God and blessed to be standing there.
  3. The sheer joy of the first few minutes of the meet as people rush to get into the halls.
  4. The hunt for "whatever" in October ("One ping only, Vasily!" )
  5. Finding some item you had given up on in some obscure corner of the meet.
  6. Seeing people you know and communicate with on-line.
  7. Dinner, drinks, and spirited conversation with friends.
  8. That bittersweet ride home with the great things you found and your new memories (the sweet) and the knowledge that you have to wait another 6 months to do it again (the bitter).


Having been stuck in the house for more than 6 months, attending any train show now without fear of getting sick would be such a pleasure. I've never been to York but when it's safe to attend again, I hope to make the trip at the first opportunity. Meeting the OGR community and looking at O gauge trains at York would be like returning to life again... Meanwhile, I'm glad I have those model trains in the basement and throughout the house - as well as this annoying computer...


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Number one for me is the people. And whenever my next York is, it still won't have Marty & Barry. But my focus has changed, and after not missing a York in a quarter of a century, I doubt that I will ever again attend York in the Spring (if there are any). I will NOT miss the smell of the "fertilizer". 

But I look forward to and hope that the ED figures out how to update the Fall York for the changes in the hobby and the decrease in the number of manufacturers and dealers. Once upon a time the bandit shows were a big component of the York experience. I look forward to what is coming next.


“And whenever my next York is, it still won't have Marty & Barry.”

Gerry, how true. I met Barry when I attended my first DCS Users group. Got there early, we talked for a bit and he put me at a table with a friendly group. I learned a lot that night. 
Met Marty thru working with Vince. Picked up a good bit on locomotive maintenance and repair. Absolutely the friendliest guy, I felt like I knew him for years right away. But we did share that blue blood.

Lord, I can’t wait for the next time we can all do this. Will be great to see both you, and Loco Lawyer. To see everyone again.

After the initial thrill of overload, and seeking that one item I couldn't do without, it was meeting people I had chatted with online, or here at the forum. I miss the breakfast and the TCA briefings before heading to the Strasburg RR Museum. If I go again, it will be to enjoy a hefty Scrapple breakfast, talk with those I know, peruse the tables and hope that there are not more no longer with us friends and mentors.

The knowledge I had gained from Barry was immense, being new to DCS in 2015. I am glad I met him at Fall York 2017.

I learn something new from GRJ every time I turn around, and learn I can push myself to build better locomotives, cars and accessories from the new projects he comes up with. I have eye strain from the micro mini components on his R2LC Smart Motherboard but it showed me that even a trembling hand shouldn't stop me from trying.

I will make every attempt to be there for Fall 2021 if it happens.

A lot. Friends, Romans, countrymen. There is so much to miss, most of all the good friends an accaintences I have met. That and of course a soft pretzel each of the days. I usually get one or two if I'm a little hungry, that and ice cream. I know that may sound a little silly, but it's like going to your favorite pizza place. You always get something extra other than what you order if you know what I mean.

Jim, there were a lot of good times when Vince was there. I  got 2 of my favorite engines from. Unshrouded J's. I had one painted as a Police engine and one as a fire engine. JD's trains did that work. But when Vince was selling, no trip to York was successful without buying something from him. Do you ever hear from or see Trainpop?

Ron, I actually had the pleasure of being at the Paradise & Pacific a few years ago. I introduced myself as a member of the NJ HiRailers and a couple of your members knew a couple of our members and they couldn't have been nicer to me and my friends. You guys have a great layout and a great deal.  



We all enjoy meeting other train enthusiasts, and showing off our building. It is eerily weird being in the building now with the doors locked and no public in the building. We are hoping for a soft opening to the public mid October, but only time will tell if the adage "Build it and they WILL come" comes true after the scare this pandemic has given.

One of our members, Bill Lazenby is actually from your neck of the woods, and enjoyed seeing the NJ Hi-Railers layout when he was back there a few years ago. 

Like York, we are more than ready for the fun to return.

If your ever back out here, stop in and run some trains, we have tried to add new things to the scenery and make it fun to run.

I miss the horde of trains, the selection is the best anywhere, plus you can see them, haggle, and no sales tax or shipping.

I also miss the parts sellers and JT Mega Steam, I hate buying a cheap part or smoke fluid then paying $12 in shipping.

Also miss the aluminum shelf dealers, those cost a lot of money to ship, I save a lot of money buying them face to face.


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@Lionelski posted:

I really looked forward to those too, especially the pumpkin ones at the October meet.

But, alas, the funnel cake vendor in this location has not been there since October 2018. The other Funnel Cake vendors located near the Red and Orange halls  are poor tasting substitutes. 


The loss of the pumpkin funnel cake vendor at the Blue/Silver Halls  =  my most significant York disappointment.


Our first trip was October 2019 and I’m so glad we went. My son was 7 and I remember most fondly the first morning we went to the bandit meet at the hotel seeing all of the tables outside and my son finding his prized Marx engine within the first 5 tables we visited. It was sunny and there were tables of exceptional trains everywhere! I love that memory! 

Also meeting the people from the manufacturers was great.  Never would’ve guessed meeting Mike Wolf would be the last time MTH was at York.

Also our first trip to the TCA museum and Strasburg Railway was also outstanding.  We didn’t even get to all the halls in 3 days. Fingers crossed for April....our flights are booked.  York is awesome!!!!

@Ron_S posted:


As an aside, have you and the modular group been able to get out this year?


Unofficially, we think we have a venue for the holiday season.......however, I will wait for Gilly@N&W (our club president) to post it on our Modular Group thread if and when the plan comes to fruition......for the time being, I sent you a private email on how we are proposing to do it.

Same story though, as with missing my "train buds" at York, what I miss is the group getting together running trains and having fun.....


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