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Today, for the first time, I ran my Atlas O USRA 0-6-0 steam locomotive model of Central Railroad of New Jersey #107, purchased new in 2008. I have always admired the fine details on this engine but had avoided running it partly because of its unusual tether and partly because my layout looks like New England, not New Jersey. When I went down to the layout today, I lifted it off the siding where it was parked and decided to give it a run. The tether was definitely difficult to plug into the tender and I didn't get it right the first few times, but eventually it powered up and slowly began to pick up speed. It ran smoothly at around 30 miles-per-hour on 14 volts and less than 1 amp. The chuffing and whistle sounds were perfect, so I coupled a CNJ caboose behind and just watched it run for half an hour. I like switchers and small steam locomotives, so I plan to run it often. What trains did you run today?




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I ran my long-dormant MTH Premier PRR T1 duplex steam locomotive.  I don't even model the era in which they ran, but I can't part with it because 1) it's a massive, really heavy hunka metal (and I've loved heavy things since I was a kid); and 2) there's simply nothing else like it.  At the same time I purchased it, I purchased a matching set of "Fleet of Modernism" cars, whose prototypes ran behind the T1.  That plus several of the fantastic Weaver PRR head-end cars makes a lovely train indeed.

I wasn't sure until today that the T1 would negotiate the curves on the inner loop of my new layout, but after a simply modification to a plate girder bridge, thankfully it does.



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I don't have an image at the moment, but I also ran my Premier PRR A-5 0-4-0, pulling my wreck train.  I need to post pics of that too.  I always realize I need pics when I'm posting.  This forum is all about images and videos, which is great.  I'll post images of this train soon.  The A-5 is a sweet little locomotive.  The bell is fantastic, with an uneven cadence that a hand-rung bell would have.

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Haven't run anything today but I generally swap out the trains on the layout once a week, usually Friday PM or Saturday.

Currently, on the track is:

-Lionel 4-4-2 Pennsylvania Flyer set

-Lionel Postwar (1950) 773 with postwar freight train

-MTH Chessie Show Train with the gold GP40

-MTH New York Flatbush Ave. Subway set.


Not sure what I'll put on there next, there are several things I haven't run in many, many months I may pull down such as the LionChief Plus Camelback, Williams/Bachmann 4-6-0, Williams RS3, MTH SD70ACe, MTH H10 switcher, etc, etc. I may pull out the Christmas cars this weekend and get them running.

Also another engine catching my attention at the LHS. Not sure if I'll get it, don't need another one!

Lionel post war 1615 steam switcher with bell, pulling operating barrel car; such a classic; I had to have it when I saw one of these on a video of Phil Klopp's layout many years ago.

K Line Pennsylvania GG1 (Big Red) pulling 10 postwar boxcars and caboose on outer loop, while Lionel postwar 646 Hudson pulled 8 operating ore dump cars and caboose; The 646 has Magnetraction and plenty of power and is another Classic; K Line made some smooth and sweet running engines during the last 10 years of its existence and this is one of them.

For passenger service, Lionel postwar Brunswick Green 2340 GG1 with Magnetraction pulled 4 streamline aluminum passenger cars. For me, this engine and passenger cars are the best of the best.

I have a long and narrow layout that goes around 3 sides of 2 rooms in my basement. The rooms are the playroom and, to make the layout more interesting and for dramatic effect,  I tunneled through the wall  many years ago to have trains on two independent loops of track leave the room and go around 3 sides of the laundery room, and then come back through the tunnel to the playroom.. (Please don't have your trains run through the laundery room unless, like me, you have an understanding wife.)

The reason I'm describing my layout is because if you have long and narrow space and still want your trains to run continuously, like me, you will need to use 031 curves and trains that can navigate them. One of my favorite engines to run on a layout like mine, which I ran today, is the Lionel Postwar 6220 (or 623) ATSF NW2 Switcher with Magnetraction. It hugs the rails, and has plenty of heft which makes it a good puller.  I ran it today and it pulled several operating log dump cars, several gondolas and a work caboose with search light. 



No images, but currently running a Lionel Classics dark gray 2-400E pulling three green MTH state cars: California, Maryland and New York,

Also a Lionel Classics Fireball Express set pulled by a red 2-390E.

Finally, an LGB #414 Suisse RhB "baby" Crocodile electric loco with digital sound pulling two 26" green/cream RhB coaches and a 24" Dark blue Gourmino dining car with interior detail including lighted lamps at each table!  

BIG TRAINS rule!   

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   I'm running the Rivarossi IC 382 with an Old Log Beer woodside (ye old huffnpuff), and some other goofy stuff to trail it... empty keg flat, bobber tanker simply marked XX, a W&A wood coach (R.I.&P actually), followed by a little bobber cabin.....Two chrome RI&P generals, one mixed, one pure passenger..... and that same trolley.

An hour meter on the trolley might be fun over time, lol. I don't any but the 382 or my childhood 2037 can compare in run time vs ownership time and come out ahead.

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