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One more thing, Fendermain, your tubular track and 022 switches look like they are spotless. I assume it is all Lionel tubular track, and the 022 switches must be Lionel. The trains on your videos always run perfectly on,  and through, them.

Were your track and switches made in the 1950s or in later years?

I bet it's a mix, like mine.


Hi Arnold,

Thank you.  The 022 switches are vintage 1950s that I have refurbished.  The track is more recent, meaning the year 2000 +/-.  Yes, a mixture like yours.

Still breaking in those new brushes, "Counting Cars".. only eight, yet they are postwar coil couplers and heavy, but another test passed... she pulls slow and starts well. I am Estatic! Its no Big Boy, WOW those pilots enter the room 5 minutes before the boiler... Dreams are made of those Big Boys and Yellowstones... (someday)

But Today, Scrounged a switcher. You Go GIRL


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I was tasked with baby watching (distracting/entertaining) duty today and thought my 4 month old daughter might like watching trains. So I fired them up and ran 3 at once. She was pretty focused on them from her floor chair. She certainly let me know the trains had to keep moving, she was displeased when I stopped them. Video below, wait for the end.


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@Trestleman1 posted:

Coal train Sunday. My first time trying to add a video. If it's not right just ignore it. I'll say sorry in advance.

Great run by.... Great.....SPECTACULAR trestle!

Turn your phone 90 deg please.....this is a horizontal hobby. Vertical videos are frowned upon. Your trestle should be viewed in all its glory!

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Like a sly black  panther emerging from its lair to go on the prowl a sleek bullet nosed Post-war Lionel 746 J class 4-8-4 Northern in its inimitable Norfolk & Western livery glides out of a darkened tunnel  in the Blue Ridge mountains of the Virginia’s.   It’s hauling a consist of mixed freight cars and is headed north to Hagerstown, Maryland.  


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Completed 1st of 2 road orders in operating session no. 2. After the 9 car tanker arrives in destination town, it backs through a busy area to spot tankers at storage facility.

Edit: Tonight a crew got a yard order for an EB M1a with an 8 car mixed freight and cabin car leaving the West yard for a town 100 miles down the line. After the consist was dropped at the yard, a fresh crew took coal and water, and backed the M1a to couple to another mixed freight for a WB return trip. That completes my operating Session no. 2. 


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