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Lionel 736 with 2046W tender (custom rear light LEDs) pulling American Flyer prewar 3/16" scale O gauge cars.  Die cast hopper (retrucked postwar), box, gondola, tank, flatcar (postwar with prewar truck at one end, Flyer coupler at the other.  Marx 3/16" tank and hopper cars, sheet metal Flyer caboose.

A Flyer knuckle coupler will couple with Lionel knuckle couplers if the height is correct.

@cbq9911a posted:

Lionel 736 with 2046W tender (custom rear light LEDs) pulling American Flyer prewar 3/16" scale O gauge cars.  Die cast hopper (retrucked postwar), box, gondola, tank, flatcar (postwar with prewar truck at one end, Flyer coupler at the other.  Marx 3/16" tank and hopper cars, sheet metal Flyer caboose.

A Flyer knuckle coupler will couple with Lionel knuckle couplers if the height is correct.

I just happen to see a Marx 0 gauge car on the bay.  It had that fork type easy release coupler. How difficult is it to install a knuckle coupler?

My train for today was powered by a model of Long Island Rail Road H-10s 2-8-0 Consolidation #111 made by MTH in 2006 (20-3230-2, PS2, MSRP $699.95) with scale wheels and no traction tires. Traction is satisfactory but the flanges are small so I only run the engine straight through the Atlas O-72 switches on the outer loop of my layout.

The Long Island Rail Road was owned by the Pennsylvania Railroad from 1900 to 1966. Consequently, hundreds of locomotives designed and built by the PRR ran on Long Island, including nineteen H-10s 2-8-0 Consolidations – road numbers #101 to #119. They headed freight and passenger trains from the 1920s until the end of steam in the 1950s. H-10s engines developed more than 53,000 pounds of tractive effort. During potato harvest, they hauled hundred-car trains of potatoes from the east end of Long Island into New York City. #111 was built in 1916 and retired in October 1955.

The videos show #111 pulling two MTH LIRR wood passenger coaches on my 12'-by-8' layout – first running slowly and then running fast.




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The Polar Express, behind a 736 Berkshire.  These are the 10th Anniversary cars from 2014.  I've given the cars names.  Haddon Sundblom is the artist who created Coca Cola ads featuring Santa, which defined the modern image of Santa.  Robert L. May wrote Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.  George Bailey is the hero of It's a Wonderful Life, played by Jimmy Stewart.



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@Apples55 posted:

Now, it you had been running under command control, the engine would have started up in the right direction

Nice consist, Bob - especially the bobber caboose. And, at least, the crew talk doesn’t sound like Alvin and The Chipmunks!!!

It's a LionChief. I had the remote in my hand and hit the throttle into reverse....

Fat fingers.....😂😂😂😂

Yea, Santa is a nice touch.

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I have a set of KLine C&O Passenger cars that have I am converting to LED’s. Trying 2 methods. The first cars will us using the kit from @gunrunnerjohn. The set comes with everything needed to convert to LED. The entire process from start to finish took me about 60 minutes.

I finished up one car about 30 minutes again and plan to test it tomorrow.

The second method will be slightly different and can be completed until the connectors come in. I am going to attempt to use the light bulb board in the passenger cars utilizing a pre populated 18 inch LED board. Should be interesting once I assemble all the parts.

I had to order the wire harness which I found on amazon for pretty cheap:

@ScoutingDad posted:

@Dennis Holler  Dennis there have been a few comments on S curves in a layout and potential problems. I think yours takes the cake running trouble free.  Thanks for posting.

Thanks, I got to say, I have been a little surprised i haven't had more challenges.  There were a couple of trouble maker cars that had to be removed or moved further back.  I run the heavier Atlas and MTH reefers up front  and all the wood kit built ones make up the back half of the train.  I was able to get close to 20 wood and prewar cars before they started pulling off the track on curves due to relatively light weights.  So if I weighted them I think they might fare better. I did clean and polish most all the wheels and axles on the pre/postwar and kit built cars so they shoul dbe as good as they can get.  That MTH K4 is actually missing one of it's tires lol so she does get a little slippery.  I must say, the worst offenders have been a few of the newer cars both Atlas and MTH where couplers would not stay closed under load.  Solution was the switch to Kadee #745's and they have been bullet proof...  Surprisingly so have the prewar box couplers lol.

The weather was gloomy today in Connecticut so I spent more time than usual in the basement with my trains. Metro-North #412 is a K-Line model of an EMD FP10 that I hadn't run in a long while. The real locomotive ran on the Hudson Line in New York State and Connecticut between 1991 and 1995. I wanted to run it with Metro-North State of Connecticut passenger cars by Atlas O but the couplers wouldn't cooperate so videos show it with New York Central heavyweight cars on my 12'-by-8' layout.

Edit 12/18/23: Metro-North supposedly listed these engine as FP10s. Other sources say they are F10s since they did not have the 4-foot extension behind the rear trucks to house a train heating boiler. If so, they are F10s and the model is correct.




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Amtrak F7 #102 is an Atlas O model delivered in 2015 (30134002) with TMCC. Photos and video show it running on my 12’-by-8’ layout pulling Metro-North Commuter Railroad Comet II coaches #6255 Noah Webster and #6268 Fairfield County of the Connecticut Department of Transportation. The 21-inch models were made by Atlas O in 2008 and are item 6241. I rode on these cars when they ran in Connecticut.

This train was a test run. When I ran these cars behind another brand of engine, its rear coupler opened and the train broke in two. The Atlas O locomotive with the Atlas O cars operated properly on Atlas O track and O-72 curves.




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  • MELGAR_2023_1218_07_AMTRAK_102_12X8_TRAIN
  • MELGAR_2023_1218_12_MNCR_6255_NOAH_WEBSTER_12X8
  • MELGAR_2023_1218_13_MNCR_6268_FAIRFIELD_COUNTY_12X8
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