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As Pete says, those are Molex connectors.  The JST-PH 2.0mm connectors look like this.

MTH PS/2 & PS/3 Connector types

3V type are in the Digikey 2011 catalog page 137 Tyco/ AMP 2.0mm HPI Connectors.
Easier to find are the JST-PH line, also compatible.

5V type are Hirose DF3 product line in 2mm spacing.  Mouser catalog page 1610.

MTH PS/3 pre-wired connector pins

BC-1000008 - Wire (22 gauge)
BC-1000009 - Wire (28 gauge)

For connector parts, you can use these HIROSE parts for tethers as well.

DF11-10DP-2DSA - 10-pin male straight connector
DF11-10DS-2C - 10-Pin female housing

Lighting, couplers, etc.:  Molex Mini-SPOX Connectors
Molex 0050375023 Housing, Contacts 0008701040.
Molex 0022035025 Header

Replacement Connectors Shells for PS2 3V, works with 3V and 5V contacts

440129-4    TE Connectivity AMP Connectors    CONN RCPT HOUSING 4POS 2.0MM
440129-5    TE Connectivity AMP Connectors    CONN RCPT HOUSING 5POS 2.0MM
440129-7    TE Connectivity AMP Connectors    CONN RCPT HOUSING 7POS 2.0MM
440129-8    TE Connectivity AMP Connectors    CONN RCPT HOUSING 8POS 2.0MM
1-440129-2    TE Connectivity AMP Connectors    CONN RCPT HOUSING 12POS 2.00MM

PS/3 power/motor/tether connectors

Digikey: S9421-ND for mth diesel boards
Digikey: S9474-ct-nd pins

Lionel TMCC & Legacy Connectors

The JST-EH 2.50mm is the same as the Lionel Leoco 2.50mm connector, used for both TMCC and Legacy.

The JST-PH 2mm is the same as the widely used 2mm connector on Lionel TMCC and Legacy, don't know who originally made that one.  The JST-PH connectors are also compatible with MTH PS\2 3V boards. For female pin sockets search ebay for “JST-PH 2mm crimp”.

The JST-ZH 1.5mm is compatible with the 1.5mm connectors used mainly for Legacy.

TheMolex PicoBlade 1.25mm is also used for some Legacy connectors.

The Molex Micro-Fit 3.0mm connectors are the black latching connectors used for power to motherboards and to motor driver boards.

Also found in Lionel equipment is the Molex 51005/51006 series flat connectors.

The JST-XH 2.54mm is a separate type altogether, compatible with Bachmann Williams Engines.


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