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I run MTH PS3 engines in DCC mode on my layout. I second the suggestion to use JMRI Decoder Pro to program them. It gives you a really nice set of screens for all the parameters. You can save your entire roster with all their settings, and easily change or reprogram them. I have had the MTH engines occasionally forget their programming after a derailment - being able to reload from JMRI is a huge time saver in this case.

I wonder if I could have some tips  on setting CV's on MTH locomotives for smooth running

I have never had issues with the engines as far smooth running, and haven't ever tweaked any of the drive related parameters. I run them in consists with multiple MTH PS3 engines as well as with ESU decoder engines, and all run great. The only changes I've typically made have been to change the function assignments to match my standard arrangement.

Ted Sowirka posted:

Thor are you using 3-rail track with AC power?  If I may ask, whose DCC "command base" and controller are you using?  Thanks!

Yep, it's all 3-rail, gargraves track and ross switches. I use an NCE system with the 10 amp booster and a couple of the wireless cabs. Macros are easy to program and are really handy for yard work, and setting up consists is a snap. It's a solid system that just works, and it's great to be able to walk around the house wherever and still control things. I posted a little more detail about my layout here, and you may be interested in this as well.

In addition, the serial interface is great for computer control. I use JMRI for decoder programming and layout control. Here's a screenshot of one of my JMRI panels for this year:


Controlling things from an ipad or touchscreen laptop is really cool.



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