do you have B&O.....c&o?

Some great B&O stuff guys...


One day an engineer calls the dispatcher and asks him for the time. The dispatcher responds by asking him what road he works for… The engineer is a little upset and snaps “What difference does that make?”
“Well”, the dispatcher drawls, “if you work for the BN it’s 2 pm;
if you work for the UP it is 1400;
if you work for the NFS the big hand is on the 12 and the little hand is on the 2; and
if you work for Amtrak it’s Tuesday!”


B and O Docksider on Bollman bridge.  Bollman iron truss bridges were designed by Wendall Bollman and used exclusively and extensively on the Baltimore and Ohio. IMG_1189

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briansilvermustang posted:


                                              an awesome photo...

Yes it is an great photograph!  Those solid blue F units are what I remember seeing on the B&O when I was growing up.  

Mark Boyce posted:
RSJB18 posted:

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That's a nice all B&O train, Bob!  I like that caboose/boxcar...could it be called a combine?  What is it really??  Interesting.

Oh, the dockside looks great too!!!

It's a work train set from MTH  honestly haven't researched it's 1:1 prototype. I thought it was a cool set so I bought it. I wanted it for the Docksider mostly  😎

Three Rails Are Better Than None 


               " I like that caboose/boxcar...could it be called a combine? 

                                  What is it really??        Interesting ."




          Passenger/Baggage Caboose, Rebuilt by CRI&P, August 1940




Western Pacific 657 composite bay caboose converted in 1943 from a 1916 era Pullman Standard composite boxcar by the WP Jeffrey shop in Sacramento. It now resides at the Nevada State Railroad Museum at Carson City.



The PRR used the X23 as a basis to fill a shortage of cabooses during WWII.  A total of 75 boxcars were converted into NX23 during 1943.   



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