I need help trying to seperate the trucks from the motors in my Williams Pennsylvania GGI - model No. 934935. I want to re-grease the gearbox/worm drives, but can't seem to get the truck to separate from the motor or worm drive.

I have removed the body shell from the frame (easy peesy), and then removed the single motor mount screw from the underside of the truck frame, but the motor will not release, and let me pull the truck away. I have gently turned the flywheel on the motor in an effort to get the worm to go all the way down/up, but it still won't disengage. What am I doing wrong!!!! 

Peter in a burnt-out South-East Queensland, Australia. 

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Thank you guys, I was starting to think it was my deodorant, and nobody wanted to have anything to do with me.

Chris (CAA), I didn't know such a reference site existed.....I'll definitely check it out now that the weekend has arrived. Thank you.

Rob (ADCX ROB).....snug doesn't even start to begin describing how tight this little sucker is!!!

RoyBoy.....I like your kinda thinking......I have a 28lb hammer waiting in the corner of the workshop just for jobs like this. Seriously though, I never gave any consideration to some gentle persuasion on the locating screw. I'll let you know if it worked, or if I have to pony-up for a new truck and motor. 


Would run that for a short spell to warm up the grease inside then give it a few taps on the truck mount where the  counter sunk screw is and then see if you can wiggle it straight down and off.

Let us know how you get it off it may help others.


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Thanks guys for the hints.....the "workshop" is closed for the weekend on boss's orders, but it will be the first task on Monday morning. It's great being retired, I can play trains anytime I like!!!!! (except for weekends)

Peter on the fabulous Gold Coast in sunny Queensland, Australia.

Morning gentlemen:


Took your advice RoyBoy, and with a little "gentle persuasion" from a hammer on the end of the phillips head screwdriver, with the locating screw partially removed, the little sucker let go. Worked a treat on the other truck that has the pick-up rollers mounted to it.

Old grease (what little there was of it - right again Rob) thoroughly removed, and the gearbox is now packed with "Red N Tacky"

Mission accomplished!!!!

Thank you RoyBoy and Rob for your insight, and to instill courage in me to get the motor free of the truck using "brute force". I have included a couple of photos of the "delicate" operation for your viewing pleasure.

Peter.....now in a flooded South East Queensland, Australia



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