Improving the Lionel Phantom Locomotive

nvocc5 posted:

Hi John

The GP-9 electric motor what did you use Postwar or MPC era?

Looks to be an MPC model, I believe the PW didn't have the multi-colored armature windings.  I just got the stripped frame with the motor and truck from Harry Henning, so I didn't actually know what era it was from.  Since the mount was the same and it would be an easy transplant, that was all that I was interested in.  I cleaned it up and gave it new brushes and plopped it in.

If the EL wire does not work out for you and alternative would be Fiber Optic Solid Core Side Glow Cable. It comes in many different sizes. The only thing is it needs an Ultra Bright LED to light it. If the run is long I place one LED at each end to increase the brightness. For single strand I will drill a small hole in the end of the led for mounting the fiber and gluing in place with UV glue then cover the led in shrink wrap. Do not us snips to cut the fiber use a Razor blade or Xacto knife for a clean square cut to get the maximum brightness out of the strand. 

I've considered the side glow cable, but I haven't experimented with it yet.  What I saw was fairly dim, that could have been insufficient lighting, but I wasn't inspired to go further.  I may have to revisit that idea.

What's UV glue?

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NelsonW posted:

Not really a glue but bonding like plastic that is UV activated.

Once you start using this you will find many uses for it. Unlike glue this will not melt the fiber strands.

I forgot about that stuff, I have yet to try it.

Dear John

A quick question about the additional Pullman motor. I have a donor engine which is a Lionel 230 Chesapeake & Ohio Alco Diesel From 1961. According to the Greenberg's repair and Ops Manuel it has a Pullman 2023-100 would that motor work in this application? I am still new at this this and would like to get your opinion on this before I start taking it apart and running into problems.

Dear Miggy

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Kris, I can't say for sure if it would work.  I happened to have a motor with an identical mounting plate as was used in the Phantom, so I was certain it would work.  I also used the whole motor and truck from the donor locomotive, so there was no issue of matching gears, etc.  The Phantom side frames had the same type of mount as the donor truck, but they had screws and are not the swaged like the donor.  You can see where I ground the swaged side frames off the donor being careful to preserve the square holes that mounted the Phantom side frames.

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