Does anyone using Kadee body mount couplers on rolling stock have problems using #4 turnouts as crossovers or in yards?

I am working on my 3-rail layout plans with RR-Track to use only Ross turnouts.  I am planning to use Ross #4 crossovers (RCS model #175) on the mainline and Ross #4 turnouts (RCS model #200 & #201) in the yards, which will create my only "S" curves.  I will use some Ross O72 turnouts, but not as "S" curves.  My minimum radius is 36" (O72).  Ultimately, I would like to change all my couplers to body mount Kadee couplers on my rolling stock, but keep electrocouplers on my 3-rail locomotives (MTH & Lionel).  Does anyone using Kadee body mount couplers on rolling stock have problems using Ross #4 turnouts as crossovers or in yards?

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 I run all body mounted Kadee's. Most of my rolling stock is 40 ft. cars. I do have a few 50 fters. I have just about every turnout Ross makes. No issues with any of them. Even the 072, 042 curved one backing through. I run Kadee's on my engines. While waiting to make brackets to mount on my tenders or adding fixed pilots to diesels. Don't remember any issues with the factory coil couplers. 

I am a 2 railer, so I am going to guess at this based on my experience.    You probably will not have problems in the yard, especially with 40 ft cars.     You might have some issues with the crossovers with 40ft cars, but I don't think so.

If you are running 80ft passenger cars or autoracks, I would guess you will have problems with the crossovers and most likely in the yard.  

Using numbered switches instead of curved ones (radius) on the crossovers especially, will help because they create a short straight straight section in the "S" curve.   

I would suggest just for appearances when running and some insurance, use #6 switches for the crossovers.      The prototype RRs use much smaller angled switches (larger numbers) on the mains than in yards too.

These are 89' Atlas cars and body mount Kadee. Going through a Ross four way yard track. I do not know what number switch they are, you could call Ross and find out. 


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