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Don't have any current photos, so I have to display from the archives.

We've been including trains with our Christmas Village since 2011 when I got back into trains.  In 2013 we did the trains on the floor around the tree with a combination O Gauge and Disney Monorail.


PIX 066

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PIX 087

Will be putting up the village this week.  Still determining the location and the layout design at this late stage 


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ClarkA posted:

CLARKS PICS 263 [2)Christmas Tree

The 1936 American Flyer Burlington Zephyr was purchased by my Grandfather from the Burlington store front on Michigan Av. in Chicago on December 24, 1936/37??  Apparently he walked in there and wanted to buy their display.  They stated it was not for sale, but he insisted everything was for sale.  He set it up that late evening for my Dad for Christmas morning, and unfortunately it is 100% mine this Christmas. The above photo is many years old (Christmas 2005?).   I always loved the Burlington Zephyr locomotive because it resembled my favorite that I saw daily.  Rock Island's AB6, "Old Flat Face"!   My Dad did some commuting from Beverly Hills (Chicago area) to downtown in the 50's.  He hated the Aerotrain so much, he would wait for the next train.


You guys are doing a GREAT JOB!!!

I had all intentions of putting up a brand new Christmas Layout this year, but things got a bit hectic. I constructed three 3x5 tables back in September to form a 5x9 ft window layout. Then my Dad got sick and wound up in the hospital and now in a nursing home. With spending a lot of my free time lately with Dad (I'm an only child and Mom passed away 7 years ago) I was lucky to get the tree up. I will at minimum get a loop of track under it, perhaps this weekend. But right now I'm thinking about the guy who got me started 60 years ago.


Merry Christmas to all my OGR friends!


Here's last year's layout.



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Dtrainmaster posted:
pd posted:

From the archives:


That's one of the cutest layouts that I've seen, from the base design on up.


It was the result of an OGR Forum contest a few years a small holiday layout. This thing was four foot little project. I wanted it to be a figure-eight that folded back inside itself, but the 45-degree crossing I ordered arrived with a defect and it was too late to return/replace/include. Those peppermint sticks were a bear, lol.


Dennis GS-4 N & W No. 611 posted:
trainroomgary posted:

A 35 Second • Video Christmas Card from Train Room Gary.

...We will run a Lionel Polar Express around the Christmas Tree.
Merry Christmas.


Merry Christmas, Train Room Gary!!!  Great video!!!

Hi Dennis

Thanks for watching and commenting & Merry Christmas...........

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