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Not exactly unDer the Christmas tree but where it once stood. Recovered about a 1/4 of my stolen collection just in time to captivate 5 young minds with they're introduction to o gauge trains had great fun. It's amazing how a 4x8 sheet of plywood and some track and trains can dominate other things and stop everything in its tracks now everyone wants to be Paw Paws best buddy.20161226_23454220161226_23453620161226_23472620161226_23472820161226_23473420161226_234742


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I don't post on here too often, but love scrolling through this forum reading the stories and learning new things and mostly looking for good pictures.  

I wanted to share this short video I took on Christmas morning of my tree loop with a small siding and some of my girlfriend's grandmother's Christmas buildings.  Running PRR LC+ and I decided to combine my Passenger coaches and Christmas freight into the same train for some fun. Hopper car running empty on peanut mms. Merry Christmas to all!


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Alex M posted:
Nick12DMC posted:

Christmas in NYC update.

Had an early surprise Christmas present from my Wife. The location of the apartment we are staying in. 

We got the tree up. More pics to follow.

Anyone recognise the bridge behind the tree ;-)



That looks like the Hell gate bridge to me ! 


The Hellgate Bridge on the left and the Triborough Bridge (AKA Robert F Kennedy Br.)

@NYC Fan posted:

This was almost going to be the first Christmas since 1955 that there would not be a train by our Christmas tree. We couldn't let that happen. So I took out my Christmas gift from 1959, a Lionel 2528WS General Set, and set it up.


There you see the yellow set box on Christmas morning 1959.


Merry Christmas!


OK...1959...I to got the famous  "Flying Fox" for Christmas!!!   I have found them on ebay... Like neww in the box will set me back $750.00     I think it was 12.95 at Higbee's in Cleveland..

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