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i purchased a 6-16360 maxi stack(NW containers) today with a truck and knuckle coupler and a common truck attached with the articulated female coupler”. I only purchased one because I already had a new, recently purchased 1928530 maxi stack (2019 edition, CSX) at home.

Main question: do single sale maxi stacks come with the pieces necessary to make a unit? Not counting the “common truck”

I had assumed that all maxi stack cars, upon removing the end piece and truck with knuckle coupler also had an articulated male or female coupler “built into” the existing strucrude. Aka- follow the directions in terms of removing the end section and truck w/ knuckle coupler, and a male or female articulated coupler would be something you could take off that end piece and attach to the body in order to make a unit with a common coupler. I guess I was expecting too much Abra-kadabra.


my CSX maxi stack’s underneath, in the round plastic dish are all the small screws that attach the platforms above the couplers to the bottom, as well as the truck screw of the CSX brake wheel truck as I removed that. Also, it would appear the previous owner’s male truck broke as I found that in the common truck when I took the screw out image

the bottom of the non brake wheel CSX truck, the brake wheel truck, and bottom of the breakwheel platform.image

The only thing I didn’t do is I took the little screw out before removing truck from the brakewheel end. It doesn’t look like I have a male articulating coupler from the CSX maxi stack to attach to the new one.

any help would be super appreciated !


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Hey Steve. I will give it a go.

Your NW set is a (2) car set that has the center truck assembly to connect the two cars together with regular couplers on either end. The new car you purchased is not a (2) car set but just a single car. I believe that having couplers as you have on both ends is correct.

I have a few of these and the (2) car sets all have the truck in the middle with no couplers. My single cars are just that, single with couplers on both ends. Just add the single car to the consist as you would a regular freight car.


Out of curiosity, I checked the Lionel site to see what is included with the single car. It does not appear to have the truck assembly without couplers included.

From the Lionel site for your car:

Expand your intermodal layout with these new enclosed autoracks! Sized right for smaller layouts, these cars capture the look of these popular large modern prototypes in a model that can go places our scale cars can't.

Die-cast metal trucks and operating couplers
Two removable containers per car

Rail Line: CSX
Gauge: O Gauge
Scale Type: Traditional
Brand: Lionel Trains
Power: Electric
Min Curve: O31

@Big Jim and @3rail my post has been edited to be more clear. I had thought that a male and/or female articulated coupler that connect to the common truck would be included with any maxi stack. When I read the most recent manual associated with my CSX maxi stack, it led me to assume it had the components, with the exception of the common truck, allowing it to connect to another maxi stack to form a unit upon disassembly.  the NW I bought was part of a set,as 3rail alluded to. I figured if they’re being offered as single units then they must have the items, again exception common truck, that would allow you to make them into a unit. Considering the place where I bought the CSX one, I thought it possible as well someone could’ve opened the box and taken those components.

im sorry the original post was so unclear, I was rather frustrated and not thinking clearly or expressing myself as clearly. I’m not an idiot, I guess I was in denial Ha. I’ve only gotten into freight in the last 2 months and intermodal a month ago. When I bought the CSX maxi stack- I didn’t even know they had the ability to become units with the common truck- I just thought they couple normally.

Hey Steve. No big deal. I honestly never saw the truck in question for separate sale at a show but maybe a search of the Lionel parts catalog (on line) may help. Look for part number of an articulated set (like your NW) and see if they list them for sale. There is usually an exploded parts diagram with part numbers and a list of available parts.

Hope that helps.

If not having any luck, just do what I do. I run the double articulated cars together and the singles just get added like a regular freight car in the front or back.


Steve, I've got the old CN set of two with the common truck.  Can't get to it now but I believe it came with another common truck so you could mate two or more sets together to make a 5 car unit train.  I forget if there was also a different end platform to facilitate this.  Check the Lionel website to see if you can get the instructions for the 6-16360.

As for parts I've had luck on ebay, search O scale trains for Maxi Stack.  There is a regular vendor who has parts. The pictures make it easy to make sure it's the part you need.

Here are pictures from the 1993 release of these, I don’t have any of the 2019 versions. Basically the extra pieces in the set let’s you make 3 car set by adding a single car, a 4 car set by combining two 2 car sets, and a 5 car set by putting a single in between two 2 car sets. Also here are pictures of the instructions that came with it.



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Thank you @3rail  @coach joe and @DG for the replies and direction- I ended up going to Lionel’s website and ordered black couplers- 2 male and 2 female. Even with all the 2 pack sets I haven’t seen any color that matches my CSX maxi stack

DG- those are very similar to the directions I saw online- but not completely. I think the directions I saw were dated 2002 and the other 2008. I like how the parts list is given. Thank you for showing me how it comes packaged, as well- confirms that I just need that male articulating connector I appreciate the help.

i guess what kinda ticks me off is I’m used to being able to do anything in the directions if it’s shown without having to get anything else unless it says “(insert name and part #sold separately)”. IMO it should really say that for solo maxi stacks. If you’re going in not knowing much and have 1 single maxi stack, after reading the directions you might want another and think you can combine them. I truthfully thought, possibly from misreading another post, that the connectors were built into the ends, and upon removing a truck I’d have access to the male coupler on the break wheel side And the females coupler on the other.  

Again, thanks for the help guys.

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