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Got this notice from a hobby shop about an hour ago. Don't see it at the Lionel site yet.

"Lionel - Good news: the new Lionel 2021 Big Book Catalogs just arrived (early this time).  Stop by and pick up a catalog whilst supplies last or you can access the catalog on-line at the Lionel web site."

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Our hobby shop called us today, so off to Nashville we go in the morning. It’s one of the best times of year there is, sitting back in the recliner, a cup of coffee, and total involvement in the newest and greatest toy train book ever. It takes our minds off everyday situations that we have no control over, and that’s why our model railroads are Our best friends. It’s the best hobby I know of. Happy Railroading Everyone 955DA63D-91E2-4670-9B83-E051E93CACC211D7A50B-7D55-4C0C-B214-0621F10A72D6


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Nothing yet seen that's of great interest.  Nice that camelbacks being offered w/ Legacy & whistle steam ...but at $650 MSRP, I'll happily stick w/ my two TMCC versions.  The modern powered (Acela?) Polar Express is interesting to see offered but again at a steep price and 0-72 minimum curve that approaches what I paid for my first car in the '80's which IIRC had a tighter turning radius.  Maybe it's the almost yearlong covid experience funk talking (or could be I've come to realize I have more than enough stuff acquired over the last 20yrs and for me, today's pricing structure has taken some of the shine off the new catalog aspect of the hobby.  I'll likely look to direct more time into improving the layout and performing routine maintenance tasks.  Hopefully in 6 to 9 months we'll see the return of train shows/meets that will rekindle my fire, although I think my eye will be favoring pre-war or modern tinplate.

We are arguably in the era of the big (wish book size) catalog that offers many items but contingent on a designated amount of confirmed pre-orders.  With Lionel's de-facto return to the lone mass-marketer of O-gauge, it'll be interesting to see how this plays out over the next 3 to 7 years.

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