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I had a set with the gates years ago that failed in the first year and was exchanged under warranty. The second set lasted a few years and then failed in the same manner.

IMO, go with the 12052, without the gates.

While the operating gates are neat. Regardless of when they were made. They cycle up and down dozens of times during an operating session. Sooner or later the tiny motor and the fragile gears are destined to fail.

I have a 12052 that I  originally purchased along with the 12062 16 years ago, and they still function flawlessly.

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Now, I respectfully disagree with an earlier post which expounds the virtues of the Lionel 12052 over the subject of the question, namely the 12062, or the FastTrack Grade Crossing with Gates and Flashers. After many train crossings over years, the gates and flashers still work fine. Au contraire, the beautiful 12052 doesn’t always work reliably for me....

I have hade 12052 for over 10 years and they have worked fine.  I would like to get the 12062 but have stayed away because of various issues I've read over the years about them.  Then again people usually only post when they have problems with an item not post on how great an item is.  If you really want the 6-12062 go for it. Barry Perlin has had no issues as Im sure a lot of other purchasers haven't either.

On the subject of the 6-12052, I bought another 1 recently and one of its plug-in posts that houses the warning lights did not work (plugged into either side, the other post worked on both sides).  Before calling Lionel warranty for replacement, I also decided to order an extra one to replace one of the posts on a ~10 year older 6-12052 that had a piece broken off one of the RR Crossing signs.  Lionel sent me the one under warranty and the other replacement at a reasonable cost.  Unfortunately both of these replacements also did not illuminate correctly (one not at all, the other only one LED).  The second set they sent to replace the first 2, do work correctly.

For the Crossing Gates, the 6-62162 seems to have a larger more robust solenoid with no gears, but it is LOUD when activated.

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