Lionel legacy 990 compatible

poolboy posted:

Okay, thank you. I have tried to program the locomotive and nothing happens. Anyone have any suggestions on what I should do. 

what is the 6-number????

choochoopaul posted:

The Legacy system talks in two modes.  Full Legacy and TMCC. Once you have programmed the engine number, then press the INFO button and see what mode you are trying to communicate with your engine.

have we even determined if the engine is legacy?


   MoonMan (Carl) is correct in his programming/testing of the Cab2.  The engine in question is TMCC/odyssey not Legacy.

I have a JLC TMCC/odyssey GG1, drove me nuts programming it the 1st time, glad Carl put the programming sequence right one the OGR for everyone to see.  

When my 990 Legacy returns form the Lionel repair shop, I will need to re-program my 249ERR into the Legacy base unit, probably will need Gun Runner John to help me remember how to actually do it. Even the Lionel educational video on this one is confusing.


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