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Yep Will, all my previous KTM models had the boiler attached by the screw through the stack.  I did think about trying to unscrew or pop off the nozzle in the smoke box, but I just haven't had the courage to try that yet. I don't think the smoke box interior comes out, but I'll check that. Looking all around (top, bottom and sides) there are no visible screw heads........period.

Jay, this model was totally rebuilt by Peter Bassett and only the bones are still KTM and those are highly modified. Pony truck, trailing truck and all drivers are now equalized and sprung. Both the pony and trailing truck were hand made to match the prototype they attach much differently now than stock KTM trucks. The internal threaded screw in photo 4 attaches the trailing truck to lever that is tied to the equalized suspension of the drivers. This system is similar to the KTM/USA FEF-3 or the Sofue models I have. But, they don't have any hidden screws. 




2-10-2 trailing truck 0022-10-2 trailing truck 0032-10-2 trailing truck 0062-10-2 trailing truck 0112-10-2 trailing truck 021 differently than


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Interesting, I've only owned about 100 O Scale models made by KTM and worked on probably just as many, none of them had a screw going down through the stack.  I did have a first run MG SP 4-8-2 that had two screws going through the frame into posts soldered to the bottom of the boiler.

Obviously, articulated were a little different.


Sorry Butch, the junker I have won't be much help.  It's an "early TTT version" and completely stock.

Jay is absolutely right about the screw on the bottom.  Must be the way they were made. All the others I've had were significantly modified.



Does the whole boiler shift forward a bit like a hooked hinge in front that locks in place with the screws by the cab and firebox? Quite a puzzle.


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No Witt, taking the back tail beam screws out really did nothing or maybe allowed 1/6th" movement.

Jay, you're right!   I looked at a stock USH FEF-3 and it is held from the bottom not through the stack. I'm pretty sure I've looked everywhere above the pony truck and found no screws, but once I get done with the sand hatches I'll go back the TTT.


I'm getting close to being done with sand hatches for my KOH's 9000, so I'll bring the TTT in off the rip track soon. Bought this 9000 from an estate liquidator with some fairly minor poor handling damage and missing sand dome hatches. The seller was not train savvy and refused to look around for the missing hatches and had sold several other models from this collection, so the hatches might have gone with one of them.  I bought it right and figured if I couldn't buy replacement new hatches from the builder I'd make some...........turns out I had to make them. Not perfect, but with a little more sanding they will be close enough. Had to reshaped them a little, thin them down, taper the edges and add grab handles.  

But, since I'm going to gut the electronics and add modern DCC, I didn't figure making my own hatches would spoil the pedigree of the model. I think it will be a great model when finished, as it was a great model to start with, just dated electronics and a few builder mistakes, that need correcting. 

1st two photos are stock PSC BB and Challenger hatches that fit the opening in the KOHs dome like a glove.  Last photo is of the modified hatches with grabs. 




PSC Sand Hatch [2)PSC Sand Hatch [1)Modifed PSC Sand Hatches 001


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3rd Rail Alco PA and PB.  

Union Pacific 604A and 604B

Outfitted in 1955 appearance.  Dual headlights, silver trucks, but before aftercooler piping on the roofs.  All three of those details were changed on the PAs in 1955.

The models are beautiful.  The PA sounds and runs great.....


The PB....not so much. DOA. 

(Maybe from shipping?  I know they test their products thoroughly.  It just sat there and buzzed. The fan screen was popped off the roof fan).

I  emailed Scott since I bought it direct.  Immediate response. He's already sent me a UPS label.  I'll be shipping it out to him to correct the issues.  Honestly,  I don't know how the other guys stay in business.  They can't compete with 3rd Rail's service or commitment to their products.



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3rd Rail Alco PA

One Pacific, Two Pacific

Me Pacific, Union Pacific!


If there's one thing I've learned the deeper I get into 2-Rail it's that OMI/Ajin locomotives are beautiful, but gee whiz are they finicky runners!

With a little work #3225 runs nice and smooth, but I still can't get #2897 to budge.  Keeps shorting out somewhere on the front wheel truck.  Just add it to the list if things to I need get to fixing!

KTM on the other hand, while not as delicately detailed, just need a quick clean.  Oil 'em up, throw them on the track and they run like a sewing machine!



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OMI 4-6-2

Got my Alco PB unit back from 3rd Rail today.  I have to say fantastic service and commitment to their products.

Tested and runs fine.  I'm really glad Scott chose to do the B units independently powered with sound, smoke, and lights.  This is definitely the way to go for all future diesel units.

Once I have the time to paint the trucks 1948-1955 gray they'll be off and running just like the prototypes did across the UP's Kansas division.



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Cleaning up some files from a few years ago.....found a few pics I like.




"If two rails are good, than three rails has got to be better."


"Give a person a toy train and watch them play for a day. Teach a person to fill their basement with trains and give them a lifetime hobby."


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