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 So this is another one of those projects that sound miraculous on paper but after you start tearing into it, you ask yourself why you didn't just leave well enough alone.  I have a MTH 30-9102 Operating Fire station that was purchased by my grandfather around 2000.  It has fought many fires but before Christmas the gear that turned the motor broke which caused the fire engine to do nothing but sit outside as all the sounds kicked in.  In my mind, I had it that I was going to tear this thing apart, fix the gear, and replace the two slow flashing lights with new and improved red/blue flashing LEDs.  While I was there, I decided that I would add a couple white LEDs to illuminate the outside of the building.  I think I was able to get the gear fixed but then I came to the part of adding these LEDs to the fire house.  I had successfully done it with my MTH Sinclair Gasoline Station earlier in the year but adding flashing lights is a bit of a different ball game I think.  In order for the new LED flashing lights to actually flash, I think I needed to add a AC/DC converter which I bought to run the 4 new flashing lights I added to the house.  But then I got word that my grandparents decided to sell their house and all of the trains had to come down....  About 4 months has gone by and all of the trains have been taken down and put into storage so now I'm sitting down to tackle this project once again but have completely forgotten where I left off.  I have a couple questions.

1) Where can I wire these flashing lights to on this fire house that they will flash when the door opens and the truck comes out?

2) Where can I wire the two added white LEDs to enhance the interior lighting of the fire house?

3) Does anyone have or know where I can get my hands on a wiring schematic for this Operating Fire House?

4) What was I thinking?   

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