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Someday maybe we will get some new products from MTH in gauge one? I'm glad for anything we get. I look forward to the re-runs to get what I missed. The timing of this last catalog hurt as I was busy expanding my track supply. I also had to convert from brass to stainless rail clamps. I did manage to get a Big Boy.

 One thing that I'd like to model is the Susquehanna stack trains that ran back in the late 90's I believe? They had SD45's in their paint but that wouldn't work, unless MTH makes a version. Then, they acquired dash 8s and MTH released a version that I missed out on because I was out of work. So maybe they will release them again?

They got SD70MACs later on too I believe?

 Anyways I would also look forward to any type of modern stack cars from MTH in gauge one. The USA version looks good. I think they are too light and need better trucks like their newer cars. Usually in O scale, if someone is releasing a new product, MTH challenges them with their own version. They don't seem interested in making any modern rolling stock in G? Most of their line-up is from the steam era so I understand. I just keep rallying for anything I can run with my MTH Dash 8s! Maybe someday a premier level release will come in G too!!! (with better, heavier scale trucks)

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Given their progression of famous locomotives...  UP Challenger, New York Hudson, UP Big Boy, Erie Triplex, SP GS4... isn't the logical progression ATSF 3751?

They could get their mileage by slapping Chicago and Northwestern, Chicago Burlington and Quincy, Milwaukee Road, Frisco, Northern Pacific, Wabash, Chesapeake & Ohio, Western Maryland, Norfolk and Western, Spokane Portland & Seattle, etc. etc. on the side.   And 3751 was just the first of it's class - multiple road numbers!  Guys were bashing now out of production Pacifics together to recreate this class of locomotive - clearly there's a demand. 

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