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Rail-fanning on The OGR Forum 🚂 Welcome: This is a new thread.

Objective, this is going to be an ongoing thread and a place where members can post their rail-fanning photos & videos. This thread will not start over. We will keep adding images and have a permanent place to share our images. As model railroaders rail-fanning is important because we have to go out and see what the real trains are doing and use this information on our layouts.

Yesterday I went Rail-fanning on the Norfolk Southern Railway at Sandusky Ohio. With a fisheye lens

1 NS Front End2 NS Front End3 NS Crossing Gate4 NS oer road

Hope to see you out rail-fanning and posting your images on “Rail-fanning on The OGR Forum”. Any day and time. 😎


Images (4)
  • 1 NS Front End
  • 2 NS Front End
  • 3 NS Crossing Gate
  • 4 NS oer road
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@Rich Melvin posted:

At the crest of Carson Hill, climbing out of Ashtabula, Ohio in 2015. The 765 is down on her knees at about 8 mph here, but she made it!


That was a great couple of days.  Waited two hours down on the 322 crossing to see 765 for the first time.

I have not seen the 765 since 2016, but I have been "bonding," with its older sister 755.

NKP 755 Summer 2021


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  • NKP 755 Summer 2021
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On a trip down to Nashville, Tennessee, to see the Colts play the Titans, this was on the train tracks near our hotel.



I live near the Indianapolis Union Railway (part of CSX) line that goes through downtown Indianapolis, and I captured this video while waiting for the train to pass. We get a lot of autoracks come along this line.

I kinda wish that dumpster wasn't right there, but I can live with it. Some may say it adds to the grit of the railroad.


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  • MERF
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Autoracks Along Indianapolis Union Railway
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Tehachapi CA in 2014.  NH Joe


Below:  Looking West toward the loop.


Below:  Looking East toward Mojave.  There are mountains in both directions.


UP Track Numbering:  Main 1 and 2.


A west bound BNSF train:


The lead engine.


The lead engines running toward the loop.


Mountain power:  6 engines on the front.  An old SF War Bonnet.




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  • DSCN3063
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  • DSCN3061
  • DSCN3060
  • DSCN3054
  • DSCN3053
  • DSCN3052

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