Well I am finally getting back after dismantling my old layout.  I have a new home and with it a new train room.  I have posted some pictures of the proposed location some months ago.  I am pleased to say that I have my modular benchwork up!  There are a total of 16 modules and I was able to reuse or modify sections of my old layout for all but one section.  All sections have been resurfaced and freshly painted. The layout will eventually feature both subway and elevated.  The RR-Track layout features the subway portion with a ramp to the elevated (shown in yellow).  The red tracks are for the power in the blocks.  There are 3 stations.  I will be using my old Baltic Street station and will add an express track.  The 125th Street station will feature an additional platform.  The City Hall station will feature an additional track and be extended.  Here is the track design with the stations.  If you look closely you can see the block breaks.




Here are a few 3D renders of the layout. Baltic Street (green), 125th Street (blue), City Hall (red).





Here is the benchwork in the new train room.  The next step is to lay down the tracks!!!










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Hello Joe P !


Well, I see you have been very busy WORKING on a (a newer) layout !  Photos and layout track plans look great ! Good to see someone else here working on a layout and showing photos of it as it progresses !  Looking forward to updates as you provide them !


Regards ! - Joe F

Joe F

Buildings and structures are way off into the future. I will concentrate on finishing the track which is made  complicated due to the scarcity of some of the track. Then comes my subway walls, stations, signals, and lights. Only after this is completed will the elevated line be built. About 2 years ago I decided to make an attempt at building an elevated structure.  See my thread in this forum titled "EL on Display ".


More track down.  Also showing what will be the ramp for the elevated section.  This is a temporary make shift ramp and it shows the elevation to the street level (6 inches).  The ramp will then increase another 6 inches to the elevation above street level.  Notice the track leading to the yard as it passes underneath the ramp.  The grade is approximately 4 percent.  Also note the crossover track design.











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The track for the 3 individual subways lines are complete.  The crossovers required a little work.  RR-Track software is a great help, but it's not perfect as it does not account for the fact that it is possible to shift track at the joints.  Anyway here are a few more photos. The yard track is next!







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Thanks for sharing specs. Having a yard half your size would be my goal one day. What you provided is more than I could have expected. Thanks a mil Joe!


By the way, have followed your previous threads and YouTube videos and must say you have the most detail subway layout with resources for anyone inspiring to model the NYC subway.


Look forward to seeing your progress.



Bill - TCA #14-70509

Here is an update showing a single train running on the inner loop.  Additionally I took out my station beams and put them on the layout temporarily.  I have to add another set of these because there is an express track now.  The old layout did not have the express track.






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Originally Posted by Bnsftrains:
I love that. What would you say the cost has been for track and wood work?  I want to build somthing like that

Well I had a lot of the track from the old layout.  I added new track ( got plenty off Ebay).  The switches are the most costly.  The cost of the track alone brand new would be in the low thousands.  The wood is all from Home Depot.  Most of it was bought over 10 years ago and used on the old layout.  The cost would be somewhere in the hundreds.  Other considerable costs are the Plastruct used for the stations and tunnels.  That is in the low thousands.  It is hard to fix a single dollar amount as money was spent over the last 10 years.  I can give you a cost for building a Dual Contracts elevated structure.  For the 91 inches I have built it cost about $750 in parts.  That is roughly $100 per foot.  This hobby is not cheap.


This update features subway station action as well as all 3 loops in action.


First is an 8 minute video featuring standing at a local station.  Local trains come and go while expresses bypass the station.  At times there are no trains in the station.  The beams in the background are from my old layout and will be used to separate the tracks when the station is built.



The next video is the express station and is roughly 3 minutes long.  Here a train at the far end gets stuck in the station due to "mechanical difficulties".  Actually the auto mode was lost, but you get the effect.



And now all 3 loops in action without station stops.




Great progress Joe and looks fantastic.

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Send me all the spec's..I want to build a replica of this layout in my basement lol.Nick

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Originally Posted by George Zander:

That layout is already a masterpiece and it is not even done yet!

Heck, even the layout schematic is a masterpiece!

Joe can you give me the dimensions of that room and the layout?

Thanks George.


The room is "L" shaped.  If you eliminate the loop section it is 23x12.  The loop section is 6x12.  The layout basically follows the dimensions of the room.


Originally Posted by Joe P:
Originally Posted by George Zander:

I also wonder if those are insulation sheets and how he spray painted them without them bubbling/melting?

Hi George... what are you referring to here?

Hi Joe, thanks for responding!

You have quickly become my layout idol!

Did you lay your track on plywood or foam insulation sheets?

Reason, i ask is that I once spray painted an insulation sheet and it messed up the board.

Ah! The City Hall Loop.

WOW, so if your layout is 6x12 without that loop there is hope for me yet.



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