So, need some suggestions on lighting pcb install in a sd70ace. i’ve seen these installed in many ways on factory examples. The following pictures are of a sample cab and a lighting board pulled from another engine as a sample. This board has shrink tubing over part of the number board lights.

I have foil tape available for heat protection from the grain of wheat bulbs. Anyone, have a clear and clean way to install?

Should , I use heat shrink over the grain of wheat bulbs for the number boards lights on the new pcb?  I’ve seen the lights without the shrink in some samples installations. 

I know to use the heat shield tape. I’ve also seen double sided tape used to hold the number board lights in place.




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Aluminum tape is a good idea for heat protection; double sided tape will work but get the best you can (auto emblems); I have started using an adhesive called "Goop"; its a clear color, sets fast and stays pliable after curing; but it holds well; just be judicious when applying it; Falcon70

For GOW incandescent bulbs, note that they do produce some heat.  If you trap the heat too close to the number boards, you might have an issue of melting, just something to consider.

I typically use Hot Glue for stuff like this.

I'm still trying to decide how to do this installation. My first run heat was definitely going to be a issue. I really wondering if putting a bit of shrink the new board bulbs would help. Also, have the issue of light shining down through the wind shield...

I need to find out if the number board lighting is run right off of track power on these ss 70's Maybe , the led route is the easy to go...what tends to be a good limiting resistor value. A diode perhaps in the case of going directly to track voltage.?



Heat shrink won't help with the heat from an incandescent bulb, it'll still get just as hot.  My solution would be to use one or two surface mount LED's and seal the number boards back to avoid light leakage.  The SMD LED's have a wide angle of light, so they'll do a good job with even lighting.

Image result for smd 3528 led

That looks like a great idea...with those type of leds. Also, was using the shrink to limit some light and not for heat.

The person that suggested the emblem tape. I assume this is for mounting the bulb for the number board in place? On  top of the shielding foil.




I just wire these with fine wire, then glue them to a small piece of Styrene and slap that over the number board cavity.  I don't know what emblem tape is, so I can't help you there.

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