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Added a slow red, LED flasher from Evan Designs to the top of my Lionel Sand Tower. Drilled a hole through the top of the Sand Tower about the diameter of the lens, but less than the lip of the lens. Put a little CA glue around the lip and pushed it up into the hole from the bottom and applied some accelerator to secure it in place.

Ran the wires down the back of the far leg so they don't show and secured them to the leg with CA glue and accelerator. I had pre-drilled a hole in the layout to run the wires through and did that before pushing the 4 legs securely into the foam. (Note: this Lionel Sand Tower comes from the factory with the 4 legs attached to a flat metal base so you can just place it on the layout and run track on top of the metal base and through the tower. Since my whisker tracks were already laid and ballasted, I couldn't do that, so I carefully removed the legs from the metal base and spaced them out evenly from the sides of the track.)

The flasher has a built-in resistor in the wires so it can run off 10-19 AC volts, which is convenient, so I just hooked it up to my 18acv track power distribution board and it starts working as soon as I apply track power.

One other note - the flasher flashes red, but the lens is clear. I wanted the lens to be red so it would show up even while off and painted it prior to installation with Tamiya Clear Red, so the lens appears red when off, but is "translucent" enough so it does not substantially diminish the brightness of the LED light. 


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Working on a petite Halloween theme layout, just 4ft x 6 ft. Today I found some orange sheer, sparkle fabric for cheap at Walmart  to cover the bare plywood. I love this look! Very uh, Ginger Rogers! Sparkle is my Superpower Bits and bobs seen on the table have been procured from Dollar General, the Dollar Store and Walgreens. The large wooden sign came form Michaels. Going to run this repro Std Gauge small set, and and an O train too. Ordered a loop of Std. Gauge track from USA Track, it already on its way. The O loop will be tubular. A few Lemax and Dept 56 items are on their way to flesh out the layout.



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Resumed sanding the two LIONEL offset 15" aluminum domes for my NP NCL project that I'd previously painted, but decided they needed a "do over."  Will apply another primer coat and hope that's all the surface prep necessary for smooth sides and roofs.

Sent two more domes off to Christine Braden for her to paint to match.

Mike g, finally a trip to Menards. Nice purchases. They'll look good on your layout.

Bob, your corner came out great.

Johan, great pics.

Mark, you are doing good work on your layout.

Thought I posted this but guess I didn't. A few days ago I got these 1955 Ford box trucks from Die Cast for a decent price. I decided to get away from buying and start back to doing something on the layout. I have had my Kozak Machine shop sitting on the dryer for sometime so I decided to work on finishing it. I painted the edge of the Masonite with Earth color. Took mesh drywall tape and put it down around the building. Mixed up some plaster with color and applied it to the base around the building. If that looks okay I will add ground foam around the building. Pics............Paul 2



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I sure hope everyone is doing well, Just wanted to check in and see all the wonderful work! I am glad I went to Menards already a they are calling for 8" of snow tonight. I am so ready to get back to the warm wet weather of home! LOL

Paul, your building is looking outstanding! Was the base already on there or did you scratch build it? Either way it looks great!

I cant wait to get home to get back to work on the layout with all the new stuff I got, but first I have to finish the scenery behind the city area!

Everyone please be safe and have fun with your layout and trains!

It's done, just waiting for my son to come home.  He has one oral board exam left to take on Monday morning. He got his orders for the next four years, Submarine out of Bangor, Washington. I have him for Thanksgiving and will get to spend his 23rd birthday with him.

Yes the trolley is fast, I only have two transformers. So the trolley is sharing with the LC+ Hudson and 5 passenger cars.


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Thank you all for the well wishes for my son. Yes, I am very proud of him for accomplishing this. My health issues and situation didn't help, but I kept after him to keep his thoughts on his future. I have lived my life even though I am only 51. The human body does what it wants, I can't control it but have to live with it. Again,  thank you for the well wishes. I will be sure to pass them along to him.

@sidehack posted:

Due to the lack of nice inexpensive yard lights decided to design and build my own. Single, Dual, straight and angled, cool and warm, I think that might cover it for now.

New Style Yard Assortment_1IMG_4426

Looking forward to seeing these installed. 30 years ago I bought metal tubing, grain of wheat bulbs and cut up a soda can for shades. Made 20 of them, I still have them for HO. Our street lights are now all L.E.D, you need sunglasses at night now.

Agreed, sometimes way too bright which is why I angled them down to 30 degrees and In some cases I've used I think it's transparent orange to paint the LEDs, it does work somewhat.  I had made some of a different  style before and like you said sunglasses so I tried to make shades which came out ok but looked a little weird. I think I'm going to like these but we will see.

John, The dam look great! I cant wait to see the river below it!

Bill, I am glad the crew was able to get the Cicada's cleaned up! Nasty little critters to be on a layout!

DLWPete, wonderful video's. I am glad your able to spend time with your son before he ships out! If he gets the urge to see some trains let me know I am really not that far from there for around here. Maybe an hour. Thank him again for his service!

Ray, outstanding work! I wish I had your skills and a 3D printer!

Well guys and gals, I made it back from North Dakota after a long drive and a night in Missoula Montana with 14 inches of snow and an hour or so drive over the pass at 40 miles an hour! What a pain! I hope to get out to the train room today as yesterday I only went in there to put all my Menards stuff in there. I got lucky while at my in-laws as my father in law gave me about 10 or so wonderful looking autos that will look perfect on the layout. If I make it out there I will try and post photos later.

I hope you all have a great weekend and find time to have fun with your layout and trains!

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