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Every single variation of Pullman-Standard 50' box cars built between 1970-1980

Made out of aluminum or stainless steel that is 3D printed.

Made out of stainless steel sheets that are realistically thin that are stamped and welded together.

Box cars with distinct Pullman-Standard style doors are noticeably absent in 1:64th, 1:48th, 1:32nd scales.


Every single variation of Pullman-Standard 50' box cars built between 1970-1980

MTH owns that market now. Atlas stated they no longer making those expensive models or parts to support them. We can only hope for new box car models never offer before like 40 & 50' combination door cars. Nothing else to add for the collection going forward. I have everything.

Here's my updated list of things I want to see in the next catalog or future catalogs. It's a pretty long list.

-4 Digit Addressing in all new Legacy locos

-Modern freight cars with freight sounds

-GP60, GP60M, and GP60B (Did Lionel acquire the MTH tooling for these?)

-Bring back more former K-Line tooling, especially their SD75M/SD75I with Legacy and Pacific Surfliner Passenger Cars with Stationsounds

-Legacy ET44AC; BNSF ET44C4 with correct truck details

-Legacy SD70ACe-T4

-Legacy F45/FP45 (Did Lionel acquire the tooling from MTH for these too?)

-Updated LCS system for use with Base 3; updated LCS App too

-Legacy SD45-2 Locomotive (don't know if anyone makes these in O-Scale)

-Legacy Siemens Chargers w/ matching passenger cars

-New Amtrak Superliners, ATSF El Capitan, and ATSF Super Chief passenger trains

-O84 and O96 Fastrack Remote/Command Switches

-Fastrack Turntable with Command-Control

-Command-Control Scale Intermodal Crane

-Legacy Crane Car/Boom Car Sets

-Updated Accessory Voltage Controller (AVC) for LCS

-Legacy or LC+2.0 Phantom Locomotives, matching passenger car sets, and matching freight car sets (multiple versions)

-Double Track Fastrack Truss Bridge

-Fastrack Bascule Bridge (Single and Double Track versions)

Southern Pacific Legacy Scale Fairbanks Morse H-24-66 Train Master Diesel in the classic bloody nose red on grey. It looks like Lionel produced these at one time, but I can't find any used or new.

I remember them pulling the San Francisco Peninsula commuter trains when I was a teenager (late 60's early 70's). Boxy looking locomotive but a piece of interesting history. They were terrible things to service!!

It has been 7 months since I posted this, but my "wish list" has not changed:

"At this stage in my life there are no items I "need", and very few I want since nearly everything is a reissue.  I guess maybe:

- Burlington Northern SD40-2 in Bicentennial colors and cab #1876.  I can run this with my Lionel Legacy BN U30 #1776 just like the real American Freedom Train did, pulling my AFT consist.

- Additional Friendship Train boxcars, but only if they fix the trucks.  However, there are plenty of photos on the web of cars with placards that were on the FT, and many would be easy to duplicate.

- Typing the above reminded me I would like to see replacement trucks for those terrible ones that came with the FT cars and some others.  (I'd use different words but I don't want this deleted).

Who knows, they may come up with something new that I may want, like the horse car they just did."

@booker110 posted:

The remainder of the American Freedom cars...

That use to be on my wish list, but I don't think it will ever happen.  Didn't want to waste a wish.

I do think a 2-pack of car #200 (Power/bunk car) and one of the storage cars (33 or 34) is doable since they have the molds.  Or maybe a 3-pack with both storage cars.

They could also use their current production longest flatcar and HW baggage car for the 3 flatcars and tool car. They would be short but acceptable.  The wagons for the flatcars would need to be made.

The issue is making the most important cars; the two Showcase Cars.  I think a lot of folks would be happy if they just did these two.  Problem is they will need new tooling and would only be useful for this application, an expensive endeavor (maybe scale mint/aquarium car?).

Anyway, I hope YOUR wish comes true.

Once again I’m going to ask that Lionel will pick up Lima’s scale length British Railways Mk-1 coaches and issue them in BR colors (although I won’t hold my breath).

i would like to see Lionel Legacy New Haven PA-1s in the new Haven’s factory-delivered orange with silver stripes and green roof or the New Haven’s Hunter Green and yellow stripes paint.

I would also be interested in seeing Lionel’s Hall class 4-6-0 in British Railways green and black with coaches either in cream and brown or maroon with gold striping. Many of us still like Harry Potter but having a 4-6-0 or coaches in standard BR colors won’t tread on Wizarding World’s copyrights. Selling a BR  painted Hall class might also appeal to those with Harry Potter sets whose original HP ten-wheelers have gone toes-up as replacement engines.

I suspect that Lionel fans with tight curves might like to see a streamlined corrugated-side Railway Post Office car for their pre-Amtrak passenger trains.

I also wonder how Milwaukee Road fans would react to seeing Lionel’s post-war “Virginian” rectifier electrics in the Milwaukee Road’s orange and black freight scheme. Enough to pull out their charge cards?

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