A Disassembly after 7 years and now a new layout!

Mark Boyce posted:

The room looks great Leandro!  When will you be able to start building the new layout?


I still can not define my track plan so I have no idea when I'm going to start !

Thanks !


The problem of eliminating humidity looks like it hasn't been solved so here is what I do.  My layout is in a high humidity location (basement) and during the summer I use a dehumidifier to dry the air. During winter its cold up here and the furnace is running so there is little humidity in the basement. IMO, you've got to keep the humidity below 50% to prevent rust and erosion.

Builder of the Hill Lines ( New Delta Lines). Recreating history for the model RR community.

Does the blue track cross over the yellow track.  I don't have RRtrack, so I am just looking at the capture.

Is there enough distance between the crossovers between the blue and yellow tracks and where the one track crosses over the other for a moderate grade?   It seems to me that the crossovers between inner and outer track should be moved. 

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