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So some good news in Narrow Guage news, I recently purchased some passenger coaches, but this has led me to a new issue. Two different sets of couplers. On a side note the black ones say KadeeOn3 S-1 under them. So that leaves me with a few questions.

Which is the “standard” coupler that I should have on there?

Which (if any) are magnet operational?

Would an easier solution be to try to lower the Black couplers?

Greg R.

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Strummer posted:

I don't really an answer for you: the brown plastic coupler looks to me like an HO scale Bachmann or something similar...

Mark in Oregon

Those came with the locomotive so I’m assuming they are Bachmann couplers. And Thanks anyway.

Greg R.

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The "standard" Bachmann coupler for the On30 passenger and (most) freight cars is the #78022 "EZ-Mate Mark II Overshank Medium" (which is an HO coupler at NMRA HO height, the de facto 0n30 standard). The center shank version of the coupler, #78025, is used on the locomotives (as seen above). Skeleton log cars also use the center shank version. I am not sure which version the ore cars or the dump cars use.
As you indicate, the other car pictured has an O scale Kadee.
N.B. All referenced couplers are under-track magnet operational in the usual manner.

I went through this when I first started getting involved in On30. 

The Bachmann coupler is as described above, all Bachmann stock has this. Kit built rolling stock based on HO chassis is likely to have it, too. 

The San Juan couplers are not compatible with the Bachmann ones, different height. 

The AMS couplers are somewhere between the two and sort-of match both. It’s fairly straightforward to build a “match car” using an AMS flat car or tank car. 

The Bachmann sort-of EBT hopper cars are a useful thing. For no obvious reason they have a coupler box which can be quickly dismantled and reassembled to raise the coupler; I have one set as a “match car” between locos fitted with SJ or couplers, and Bachmann stock. 


I went through the same thing. Not wanting to grind the frames of my locos I surrendered to the fact that the couplers would be HO height, some bachmann and mostly kadee on the cars that I built or modified

On30 coupler height is one of those "It is what it is" things



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