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Where can you purchese these? I have been looking for that Sun-Lounge for years to complete my Lehigh Gorge Special (It was on the train) 

The Sun Lounge was only part of the six car set. I pre-ordered mine at least a couple of years ago. While I suspect that they are sold out at GGD you might try contacting them or one of their dealers.

Thanks for the info, who knows maybe they might pop up at york....

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Love the Silver Meteor!  Tell me about your Auto Train?  Looks great!

  Its a custom painted train using Lionel, Atlas O, and Weaver cars 20" & 21" cars.  Cars are as close as possible off the shelf O scale models of cars actually used by auto-train.  I had to compromise on the locomotives using Atlas O U23B with blomberg trucks.  Painting was done my Christine Brandon .  Theres a thread I posted on the train burried deep in the forum somewhere.  

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