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I recently purchased a K-Line Operating Dairy Depot accessory but it didn't come with the required two button switch. Hoping I might be able to find a spare for sale but if that doesn't pan out I'm wondering if it's possible to adapt some other switch (such as a remote accessory track switch) to work.


The switch has two buttons:

1) An on/off button that turns on the conveyor belt and moves the cans inside the shed

2) A momentary contact button that loads the milk cans into the waiting car.


There are two power connections from the transformer to the switch and 4 connections going from the switch to the depot. 


Is anyone familiar with this accessory and able to help? As electronics go this probably isn't a very complicated mechanism and I'm sure a switch could easily be made with parts from Radio Shack but it is beyond my knowledge. 

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How about a shot of the innards of the controller?  As you can see, the terminals on the left are connected to the power terminals on the right.  The top is the slide switch, the bottom is the push-button.  You should be able to hack one together with this information.




I'm going to go over and put my controller back together now.


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