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How about some smaller steam at work.



I'm a big fan of scale small steam locomotives. I love the Ten Wheelers, Consolidations, Moguls, Suburbans, Switchers, etc. They really look great and work well on our smaller layouts!53121464_10219496049051426_2637227112221638656_n


I would love to see Lionel make a smaller D-2a 2-4-4T Forney type commuter locomotive used on the Getty Square Branch Line on the Putnam Division.

IMG_5911New York Central RR 087


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  • New York Central RR 087
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Small world Skip, grandad worked at Harmon, during the steam era. When he retired, he’d still take us down to the ( existing) facilities and we’d wonder around ....right around 79-81......we all lived in Poughkeepsie at the time,....I couldn’t get enough of it,....


Here's a great photo of the Harmon Shops! 266 and 278 are T Motors. 240 ia a P Motor.172120868_3964718980250824_2764164260444411929_n

Hal Smith photo.


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Here's a great photo of the Harmon Shops! 266 and 278 at T Motors. 240 ia a P Motor.172120868_3964718980250824_2764164260444411929_n

Hal Smith photo.

That’s really cool Skip, ....that’s where grandad worked, he was a mechanic on the electrics, mostly S motors ......during the war, he got OT working in the roundhouse as a mechanic and hostler,......he loved backing down the Hudsons to couple on the north & west bounds out of Harmon,....thanks for the photo!..


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Great thread. Did I miss it, or are there no Vanderbilts? Truth is, I don't much like that design.  I had 2, an 18045 and 18063, but got rid of both of them. I like the Dreyfus as much as I disliked the Vandy.


Just before the original 18045 was released, Neil Young brought the layout that he had on his HORDE tour to York. Lionel had it in a huge tent with a Jumbotron outside. Neil was in the tent running trains with Jim Bunte. The Commodore Vanderbilt comes by and I said something like, look at the unpainted Commodore Vanderbilt!!! To which Jim Bunte replied, "Those are the correct colors. We got the actual paint chips from Alco." Well, the thing came out and it was obviously wrong. A while later they came out with a corrected version in a darker gray.

I never liked the look of it much to start, mine coming in that silver gray color didn't help. I don't think I've ever taken it out of the box.



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Some NYC / PC pics taken in the late 60's by a young teenager with a 124 roll film Argus along the Harlem and Hudson rivers. 😊

Between the Marble Hill and Spuyten Duyvil stations:


At the start of the Putnam Division:


Just south of the old Marble Hill station heading to Grand Central Station (I had to duck right after I took the pic because I had almost no room between the track and the river):


A train waiting just north of the Spuyten Duvil station for clearance to proceed down the west side freight line along the Hudson River.


An outside braced wooden box car still in main line use in the late 1960's:


Scene outside Penn Station at the beginning of the old High Line down the west side of Manhattan:


Tutbo Train in Grand Central Station:



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