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I have the 6-18063 Commodore Vanderbilt. As has been stated here, it is a beautiful, HEAVY engine, but a disappointing puller. I think I would have to call it dark gray - almost black. Specifically to Skip’s question, being one of those weirdos who keeps old paper catalogs, I checked my 1999’s - I have 5: Heritage, Preview, Vol. 1, Vol. 2, AND Vol.3. I did not see the 18063 in any of them. I’ll have to keep looking in case there was a separate flyer (a strong possibility since I also purchased a set of heavyweight cars to go with the engine). Here are a couple of pics of the engine so you can judge the color.


Here is the first Lionel O-27 Commodore Vanderbilt.  It was made only in 1936-37.  The first O gauge model was produced in 1935.

L 1689

Here is the whole freight  train set with which the Commodore was sold.  There was also a passenger train, but I don't have those cars passing through my collection this year.  The caboose wasn't made until 1940, but I wanted to show Lionel's affection for NYC.  In the 30's, NYC was the only road name on their cabooses other than Lionel Lines.

L trainL caboos


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@Norton posted:

Inspired by a classic poster.



Totally agree, Pete... truly iconic. I can’t remember where I bought it, but I had a copy of that incredible poster hanging in my office at work for around 15 years... it now hangs by my layout in the basement (not a great pic, but it’s the only angle I could get without lights reflecting on the glass).



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I have been looking for this photo since this thread started.....and, I found it this morning (looking for something else, of course!).

I took this picture in mid-May of 1984. I was traveling from Baltimore to visit friends in Buffalo. I stopped in Rochester near the Amtrak station. I saw one of those short-lived Amtrak streamliners, that was in NYC/Buffalo service, pass by. However, my attention was drawn to a small freight yard where I took a series of pics (with a Monolta instamatic camera and 126 color film). This is my favorite picture of the lot.....


I think that the paint looks pretty good, considering it was 17 years since the New York Central went out of existence.....and, it was also 8 years into Conrail......

As you can see by the small patch of sky, it was a dreary day with a minimal (if any) hint of spring. I remember it cold and a little damp. However, I was able to walk around the yard taking pictures of rolling stock for about a half hour.....


Hey Peter, when I was scrolling down on my phone to the picture(before reading), I thought for sure this was either Lionel or MTH. I believe somewhere in my mess of boxcars, I have one of those light green boxcars. If I remember, it is a bigger boxcar than most of what I had had at the time I bought it(mostly postwar size until then). The only other light green NYC rolling stock I have is an HO caboose that I thought looked like dynamite when I was probably about 10 or 11. I was tired of the red Santa Fe colors we had on our HO set up and wanted something that was completely different, and that caboose really changed things. Sad thing was, it was pulled by a Pennsylvania 2-10-4 Texas as I never got any NYC engines that I can think of until Bachman released their Spectrum series. I bought the diesel F3's or F7's of B&O and NYC as they looked great to me. The old hobby shop owner Jack wasn't sure I would want them but I told him yes please. I think I was 16-17 or somewhere there, can't remember, maybe a little older.

How about some late night goodies? First is from August 2019 at the Trolley Museum at Streamtown. The Trolley Museum I would say can be overshadowed by Steamtown, but my oldest niece and her family convinced my brother and I to go there since we did Steamtown the year prior. It looks like there is one of those S series electrics to start things off. The Trolley Museum has a lot of great things. We had talked to one of the volunteers who was an old railroad man himself who was working on all the signals that are displayed there, and could tell you everything you needed to know. He was helped by his grandson IIRC.


Second one here is York 2019, with the one that got away. It did not sell at York, but disappeared from Tony's shelf sometime in November making me say, "aw shucks"IMG_20191019_123115

Here we have December 2019 of a great showdown. B6, Ten Wheller at the top, K4 Black Vanderbilt middle, Mohawk to J1 Hudson in front, 3005 & 5344(can't believe I thought a Hudson was a Mohawk, must have been really tired). Had to edit that miscarriage of justice this morning.IMG_20191208_131434

And here also in December 2019 is the 5415 Mr. Muffins Trains special run Hudson. I was so excited when this had showed up at the door the day it was delivered, smiling ear to ear. What is it about a Hudson?IMG_20191120_164703IMG_20191120_165305


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First a couple of stories.

To put the first story in perspective (Santa) broth me my first Lionel train set Christmas 1947. About a week ago went up to my semi-local toy train shop to pick up an order of one flat car w/Humvee.  The owner was all excited to show me something he bought as part of an estate buy.  After completing my transaction he asked me to guess what it was.  I said an original Lionel scale Hudson!  We went around to one of his display cases and there was in fact one of the second generation Lionel scale Hudson's init's own display case in perfect condition.  This was one from the early 50's production.  This was the first one I have ever seem.  This week when drove up to pick up an ordered item was going to take a picture.  But, he had already sold it on the "bay."

When in the late 80's/early 90's I turn from HO back to O stated buying up MTH RK streamline steam engines.  Well then decided to go scale. I wanted a scale Commodore Vanderbilt, my then local dealer in Charlotte had just received one of the new Lionel engines and add on passenger car sets.  He would NOT sell it to me!  He stated of his O-72 display track it could hardly pull its own weight and could not pull the associated passenger cars.  So never a correct color CV.

Now I have MTH Premier Dryfuss and a Niagara and a K-Line Hudson but no pictures!  Only have pics of  the RS-3, U25B, NYC electric plus my P&LE A2a and related GP-7 and PA-1 (with correct road number for P&LE)( NYC System engines.  Oh and my D2 just before it went up in smoke.  (Just got it back have not had a chance to test it!









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Very much on topic of NYC Classics, here is one pictured. From 2019 Strasburg with 611.

IMG_20191018_091324<------That's Skip alright.

To the build plate on the Mr. Muffins 5415 Hudson.


Some action from the Raritan Valley Hi-railers from a show in 2019


Making our way to the NJ Hi-Railers celebration of the 50th Anniversary of OGR Magazine. I believe that the engine in the stall on the far left is indeed the NYC L3 Mohawk #3005(at least it sure looks like it is).


Some of the green NYC boxcars sitting or moving along slowly, can't recall.


Some NYC Lightning stripe diesel in action hauling trailers.


Some NYC coal hoppers(along with P&LE far left) on a siding.


In the lower left there are some containers rolling along, and in the next picture they are being hauled by that same Lightning stripe diesel.


A little smoke coming out.


These next few are from early 2017, look at those NYC engines waiting to be bought.


NYC Niagara(CCII) sitting in the back(as well as the top photo), flanked by a Pennsy and a Black River engine.


The Raritan Valley Hi-railers love putting NYC steamers in the roundhouse for some reason.


This is from I think June 2017, Raritan Valley Hi-railers still popping steamers in the roundhouse.


Yeah, it got away again. this is at my local train store when I had popped in one of the times to place an order or pick up something I think.


Ah, can you smell it in the air? This is my first York in October 2017. I have said that I have a deep fascination with tinplate though I never seem to buy any of it. I haven't a clue why, but I always walk through this section and stare intently at some of these engines. I believe I had told Peter that Friday before the OGR Meeting had began in the Gold Hall about these sitting out. My coworker Bob had come along as my guest, though he only bought food. Glad that has changed though, he is still waiting for some things he preordered in 2020 catalog(starter set stuff he wants to show off to his grandson). I think he had picked up something before that, though I don't remember what.


Now there is something you don't see everyday?


Yeah, the Dreyfuss got away yet again. I did not have enough money on me to get that and what I had already picked up. To quote Ralph Parker(A Christmas Story), "Skunked again!"


The engine that had everyone buzzing like crazy, the VL Niagara. Dave Olson had told me that Ryan had overfilled the smoke fluid in the tender. This thing really took a beating, they even managed to burn out the traction tires and still keep it running. Didn't someone say something about traction tires and how they should last?


I probably could have posted about another 40-45 photos of shows and such, but I didn't want to water things down. I just love popping out and seeing all the stuff the world offers from time to time, particularly NYC Steam. You gotta love the classics, even if you didn't manage to buy them yet.


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NYC Fans a question, I thought grey colored cab units were for passenger service where as black cab units were for freight.  Is this a correct assumption or not?


I'm thinking that's how it was intended. Probably the experts can confirm the differences. As with steam locomotives I'm thinking some were geared toward high speed passenger service and others for pulling power. Most of the photos I've seen seem to confirm that the grey cab units were intended for passenger service.

Yeah, I wish I had taken more pictures of the people around Peter. I think I was overly excited to be standing that close to 611. I do know that when I saw Skip, I did a double take to be sure I knew whom I saw, thus snapping that picture of him.

That was a fun day, especially for those of us who grew up with the late 50's early 60's Lionel catalogs featuring the 746. I'm glad we all got to blow that whistle!!! Let's do it again.IMG_9523

Thanks to my long time friend Joe Sadorf for this photo!


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The engine that had everyone buzzing like crazy, the VL Niagara. Dave Olson had told me that Ryan had overfilled the smoke fluid in the tender. This thing really took a beating, they even managed to burn out the traction tires and still keep it running. Didn't someone say something about traction tires and how they should last?



That is the way a Niagara should look!!! That must be the pre-production Vision Niagara. Sure wish the production model looked like that!!!


Yeah, 611 has always been one of those engines that I've pined for. I didn't grow up in the 50's or 60's, I grew up in the 70's. Seeing it though as a kid modeled, it just was something incredible to see, made me dream of the Dreyfuss and other streamline steamers. I really do hope we get a Dreyfuss soon that doesn't blowup. Maybe it will be here before we know it. Until then, we'll have to catch 611 more.

@Randy_B posted:

How does K-Line 1295 compare to Lionel 1297? I noticed the tender lettering is different which I didn't notice previously.

1295 is TMCC and 1297 is Legacy with Whistle Steam. 1295 required a small modification in the wiring to get the sound and smoke to work correctly together. If not using the smoke it ran perfectly out of the box. I find the increased number of speed steps on the Legacy model  is the most significant difference. 1295 has a very dark graphite grey firebox and boiler front. 1297 has a lighter graphite grey fire box and boiler front. I have enjoyed both of these models.


Interestingly, this locomotive spent the overwhelming majority of its time on the B&A. Their time on the parent NYC  is better measured in months than years. They were transferred during 1950 and all 5 were all scrapped by 1952.


1297 is actually lettered correctly as seen in this photo.

NYC1297_4-6-6Tedited 2

1298 was never actually lettered except for a stenciled NYC! Here it is already white lined.


I don't know which if any of the other 3 were formally lettered like 1297. These are the only two NYC D2a 4-6-6T photos I know of. If anyone has any others please share.


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Happy Woodside Wednesday!!!

Locomotive #7745, an 0-8-0 switcher, pulls a string of A&P Woodsided Refrigerator Cars heading to the West Side Freight Line and the St. John's Park Freight Terminal near Canal Street. The goods will be trucked a few short blocks to the A&P Warehouse on Vestry Street in lower Manhattan for distribution.

IMG_5035 copy


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@leapinlarry posted:

NYC Fan, the above picture is beautiful, and your correct, It’s 5-O’Clock somewhere. (I like your clock) You have a nice layout, and this is a great thread. Pete Norton, beautiful NYC Switcher and you have a neat layout also. Happy Railroading Everyone

Thanks Larry, That sign is a landmark.  For decades it has faced lower Manhattan from Jersey City, New Jersey, but I consider it a New York Classic. Any by the way, isn't it always "happy hour" when we're running our trains!

mqkshshmnyhclomnkccvColgate Sign


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@ConrailFan posted:

Skip, if you don't mind me asking, where did you get the A&P cars? I used to work for them when I was young. First in Bushwick Bklyn then I transferred to Elmhurst Queens. I would love to have a couple of them! Ahhhh memories, memories!

Two of the A&P reefers are Atlas O. One is 36' and one is 40'. The other 36' reefer is RMT Aristo. The other 40' reefer is K-Line. The Atlas O cars came from AM Hobbies quite a few years ago. The RMT car and the K-Line car I found on EBay. The Atlas O are my favorite, followed by the RMT. Lionel also made one but it is not as detailed as the others. There are several of the Lionel A&P reefers currently on the Bay. There is one K-Line on Ebay.

A&P Kline


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  • A&amp;P Kline

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