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Thanks guys we ordered many books so far today. If anyone else wants one let me know I can add them.

They are expected between 12/5-12/9 and I can ship them from here. Between the 50% off discount and the super saver shipping option it sure makes these a reality. 

I appreciate the love guys. I'm very honored. I'm sure these books will make a fine addition to any train lounge of living room as long the wife is ok.



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I wanted to let you know on the forum that I received your book yesterday in perfect condition and it will be a proud addition to my train /office room at home. The photographs are stunning and will be an inspiration for me to take it up a notch on my next model railroad project. Thank you for taking the time to do this.

Jerry Kimble

Atlas Model Railroad Company

Coordinator Sales/Marketing/Product Development

theteejmiester posted:

It's a weird feeling I get each time I pop in here for a side of me wants to be this good one day and keep building till I get there....the other side of me thinks I should just Give up and take up beer can collecting...

Bravo(insert slow applause) 

Hey Tee J Miester,

Thank you but it's no sweat; just some fu-fu and glue and your in business! Turn on the right lights and grab that Holga and click the shutter. 

I appreciate the love man 

Chuck Sartor posted:

Really good modeling and photography. Look like some of them could have actually been taken in Arvada (Co.) in the 1950's.

I'm honored Chuck for the compliment. I'm stunned, thank you. As far as the images locations the majority in this thread are at my home near Leyden, however many are taken on location at Plainview, Longmont, and the Diagonal between Longmont and Boulder at John's home. 


Engineer-Joe posted:

Wow. Love the video. The sound seems great to me. The artwork is fantastic.

Thanks Joe!

 A terribly compressed video I edited down for Instagram.. I may take some near-field recordings of the set up with my external stereo iPhone microphone next time or the D810 with the Rhode mic.. I swear this footage was 4K   

It is a Loksound ESU decoder with an iPad speaker in the firebox and a Tang Band speaker set in the tender. Works pretty well. 

As my friend says "O Scale in your Face!" Yes sir! Love that sound.. And he is my absolute favorite genius in our hobby. 

I sincerely recommend you take a look at the following link and a lot of the content over at A&O; what they have going on is profound...

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