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@mike g. posted:

Looks good John!

I got out to the train room this morning@3:30 am just to try and get some work done. Got some more retaining wall made and painted, but still have more to do. Sorry no photos as I forgot before I had to leave. I will get some tomorrow.

I hope everyone is doing well and having fun with there layout!

Thanks Mike. 3:30AM? I sometimes "get lost in the trainroom" (quoting Mrs. 'Ski) but rarely beyond 12:30AM.

Looking forward to your pics.

Oh , Thank you much for your service protecting out great country!

The CORRECT size O curves arrived today. I had ordered a circle of 8, in O-31, and was sent 8 O-42.

Yay, these are now on the Halloween layout proper, and wired up. Loaded the MTH O engine with Proto Smoke fluid and gave it a test run. This baby smokes sooo much it filled the Foyer, and I had to open the front door for ventilation!

Missing only one piece of the Layout puzzle, still waiting for a Halloween station I ordered.



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@RickM46 posted:

TM,  Am I imagining it or is the whistle on your EM-1 the same one as on the VL and Legacy Big Boys??  Been watching your video above and some Youtube videos on the VL Big Boy. See:

Excellent review TM !!

Thanks for the nice comment and no you are not imagining things. Lionel did use the VL BB in this variation of the EM-1. There is a slight difference between the two, the VL BB being clear and crisp, but both are primarily the same. I think why there is a difference is because the VL BB has a speaker in the locomotive whereas, the EM-1 only has two in the tender.

Morning folks, well yesterday I was able to get out to the train room and get my retaining wall finished and into place. Also I was able to patch the old access hole for the old switch motor for the upper switch. Today I hope to get some spray foam and fill in behind my retaining wall on the lower area to level it out all the way to the retain wall. Here are a couple photos.IMG_20201026_165047703IMG_20201029_160605030IMG_20201029_160610023IMG_20201029_160646073

I was going to go with a lighter tan color for the wall but the CEO liked the darker color so that's what I get! LOL

I hope everyone has a great Friday and weekend. Also I hope you all find time for your layout and trains! But most of all I hope your all having fun!


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Mike g, you ask about the base on the building. I had some scrap pieces of Masonite sitting around so I randomly traced around the building and then after cutting it out I beveled the edges.  I glued the building down to the base. Yesterday I glued down ground foam. Later today I am going to add some grass tuffs and small shrubs around the building. Also I am going to darken the edges up with earth color.........................Pics..................Paul 2



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@DL&W Pete posted:

Looking forward to seeing these installed. 30 years ago I bought metal tubing, grain of wheat bulbs and cut up a soda can for shades. Made 20 of them, I still have them for HO. Our street lights are now all L.E.D, you need sunglasses at night now.

ok Pete I replaced a couple of my 1st design with these new ones, shown are the cool white,  I also have some warm white that I will be testing.



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Hi guys, thanks for the likes!

Paul2, thank you for the information about the base on your building! It looks great!

Ray, the lights turned out looking outstanding!

Well I did get out to the train room today. I was able to get the spray foam down and painted my rock out crop. I think its ok for my first try. I also got some of my cooked dirt down and hope to get some grass down tomorrow. I also hope to get started on some wooden portholes. Here are a couple photos from today.IMG_20201030_150143396IMG_20201030_150151859IMG_20201030_150157481


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Well folks I had another productive day in the train room. I was able to get 2 portholes built, some grass down and 3 houses put back in place. I hope to have a productive day tomorrow also! Here are a couple photos


Oh and I forgot, I planted some trees too!

I hope everyone is having a great weekend!


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@Mark Boyce posted:

Mike, the portal looks great, and I do like the snowy hillside.  I am still toying with the idea of adding some snow to the enginehouse area to suggest early snow on the mountain since the backdrop has fall leaves.  It was certainly like that when we lived at the bottom and I worked at the top of the Allegheny Mountain!

Thanks Mark, if I can ever work out a good plan I would still like to find a place for my scratch built airfield also!

Well folks do to day light savings and moving the clock back it is now 1:28AM. Thanks to my dog Tank I am wide awake and getting ready to head to the train room to get an early start on whatever I do! LOL I hope to have some progress photos later today probably before my mid day nap!

I hope you all have  great Sunday and enjoy time with family and friends! Also please try to find time for your layout and trains!

Nice work guys. Had to catch up on your work. I like that wood portal Mike. It is just the right contrast to the rock wall and green and white on the hill. Meanwhile , I'm still moving freights and passenger cars around to their locations for operating session no. 2 so I can repeat that session. Experiencing stalling problems with one of the B6s engines so I have to diagnose whether it's just dirty wheels/rollers, dirty track or both. But I'm back working in the train room.

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Mike g., I really like that retaining wall, a great idea, and the tunnel portals look great, the colors look so realistic, Sidehack, wow, the street lights are so clever, neat idea, great lights, Paul 2: I like that machine shop, so cool, also the new box car, nice work, RSJB18 m Bob, wow, those NYC shark nose diesels look right at home on your beautiful layout, massive looking, DL&W Pete, cool video, nice layout, impressive, Kwisor, nice video, neat layout, Wow... Everyone, have a great weekend, Happy Railroading Everyone A5560181-6DF3-469D-B5E9-6AD97399C7B2AA872016-6CEE-49F6-BF5F-1DE613651A28215B04EF-AE65-49B0-BF67-F2EBDC97E157


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A great afternoon for the being in the train room, cold & rainy outside.  So today was a wiring day, the 120V kind.  Finished installing my dimmable LED track lights & requisite dimmer switch.  Also wired in an outlet for the lighted display cabinet my wife "donated" to the train room.  I enjoy wiring, it's so logical, it either works or it doesn't.  The 2nd pic is the "dimmed" version.



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Well next to the layout. I built shelves today. I had never really planned on it but I've run out of on layout equipment storage space. I don't like to keep things in boxes so up went shelves. Just some standards, brackets, concrete anchors, and pine boards from Menards. The whole setup should hold about 1800lbs. Little excessive for train use but should hold up fine. I'm in trouble if I run out of shelf space. This is the only good spot for shelves in my basement.....



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