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@Jeff T posted:

Pull out a 10 year old catalog, then look at the prices... One reason my collection is very small.

I get it completely, but to respectfully push back a little, Lionel does not control inflation of the dollar.  $500 in 2012 is equal to just over $600 today.  Going back to 2005, $500 then is equal to over $700 dollars today!

In other words, if an engine was $500 ten years ago and a rerun of the model today still sells for $500, there have almost certainly been cost cuts...hmm, maybe explains a lot.

That is very likely true. I don't think the 120th Anniversary F3 Postwar set was a big seller.

Yes,  unfortunately, agree. For years I used to lobby for traditional stuff/PW remakes on these "wish" threads but I think that ship has sailed.

The last two were the green UP Alco Set and the Santa Fe Anniversary Set. I bought the Alco Set but passed on the latter. I literally had it in my shopping cart but the price was just too steep. I took what I would have spent and got a beautiful Santa Fe PW 2343 AA pair. And some rolling stock. With $$ left over!

@BillYo414 posted:

Mean $250 in 1980 is worth about $850 today about where some of the engines are. Interesting.

Well if you adjust the price of Lionel's original 700e J1e..... it works out to a little over 1,500 bucks yeah lionel has consistently been expensive.  That said, yes the prices are still a lot for the wallet to handle.

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@rplst8 posted:

There's a difference.  Most technology get's cheaper over time.  TVs, computers, etc.

Not sure technology is driving the price up. It's the production of the actual model that is going up. Lionel left the US a number of years ago because it got too expensive. We are basically back of those prices while manufacturing overseas. A boxcar is basically 75% more than what it was 20 years ago with nothing inside of it.

Every time high prices come up in conversation its always Lionel that is expected to lower prices. No other manufacture is held to the same standard even though their prices are essentially the same as Lionel's.

Well all I can say about it that sometimes you do get what you pay for. Yes trains can be expensive but the current level of technology and detailing is far beyond anything that any Lionel engineer ever could have imaged back in the postwar era. We are not just paying for the trains, but our dollars go towards the research and development of new trains and technologies to enhance our hobby. It also costs money to maintain the facilities of Lionel.  Selling trains undervalued below what they should be sold for would slowly starve a company to bankruptcy. K-Line is a prime example. So as far as I am concerned, yes trains are expensive, but I do feel I am getting all that I pay for and by spending money on new trains, I hope that I am doing my small part in keeping the hobby going.

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Everyone is at a different place in this hobby, and I still get excited for these catalogs and are thankful for them. I have all Lionel engines to this point. There have been some previously made by MTH that I liked but would not have considered before and hopefully that will come to fruition at some point.

@Randy_B posted:

Everyone is at a different place in this hobby, and I still get excited for these catalogs and are thankful for them. I have all Lionel engines to this point. There have been some previously made by MTH that I liked but would not have considered before and hopefully that will come to fruition at some point.

Randy, I’m of the same mind.  My layout is Legacy. There are a few former MTH models (cough, Dreyfuss, cough) that I would love to see released in Legacy. It will make no difference to me that MTH already released them a few times over the years because I wouldn’t have bought them in DCS. Plus, I personally really like whistle steam and it would be great to get some former MTH models equipped with that feature as well.

I'm curious if the Class A will be talked about in the catalog broadcast in regards to the steam turret being covered for the excursion version, but being uncovered for other versions? BigJim contacted Ryan about this a bit ago after seeing some of the pictures on the Class A post from York pictures.

If you have no idea exactly what I'm talking about, don't worry, I didn't know what it was all about until BigJim explained. During 1218's service, it had gotten a cover over the steam turret only for a little bit and put back on(I believe) for a bit during the excursion runs. Ryan had told Jim that the catalog art was already done so it won't be shown with the details that should be there(for the other models).

So I'm just curious if Ryan will touch on this subject a bit while discussing the model in the catalog. I do know that Ryan has done similar things when noting differences between versions of the same engine.

I'm extremely curious as to what will be offered to go with these Class A's as one would expect some coal hoppers, and for the excursion version some sort of passenger cars. I'm not going for the excursion version, so I have a raised eyebrow on this particular topic.

That being said guys, why yack about prices? I guess to stay on topic, you could say you "wish for lower prices'. Now back to our regularly scheduled program.

From what I’ve heard folks saying since the Vision Line N&W A’s were announced, it seems like the “Excursion Version” of the 1218 with the glossy paint may be a slow seller. I’m very excited to see the other versions, especially the early ones with the smaller tenders and boiler tube pilots!

I’m gonna ask MrMuffin’s Trains if they’d consider doing a limited run of an early version of the 1218. From what I’ve been able to find, the 1218 has never been represented in any scale in its “As Built” appearance when it was first built. I think it’d be something cool to have!



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