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Plug removal from a one piece econo hole saw  used with a straight thru bore approach can be a bit rough.  

With the removable mandrel in a straight through pass, just unscrew the mandrel, remove it  then you can poke the plug out.

My approach is to bore the hole a tad over half way from both sides, that way you have the protruding end to grab onto to for removal.  This method provides a cleaner back face.

Eternity is a long time to have been wrong.

I know what the holes are for, but it's still a PITA, especially if you're doing a bunch of them.   I suppose another approach is to use the bandsaw and a pivot and just cut a circle that way.

Eddie I really like the sliding box idea too. I imagine they would slide equally well on a painted concrete floor also. A side benefit is that you also get some protection in the event of a basement flood due to a plumbing leak or a leaky hot water heater. This is a big worry of mine because the house is plumbed with poly b pipe. Yikes! 😱 If it's overland water flood though, all bets are off!


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Hello John, I have been watching your progress on the new layout. I believe it will be a premiere layout when you finish it. I would not worry about the carpet unless you are moving. I love this set of wheels you fabricated, you are a talented Macgyver sir. here is the proof.

BTW that is a nice townhouse. 



All I have to do is find a suitable seat.

I know where I have been, I know where I am at, I am hopeful I know where I am going.(The devil and God are talking it over).

Ahh, cutting circles.  You can cut  sub road bed circles with a circular saw and smaller circles on a table saw. 

If you encounter dexterity difficulty while cutting curved road bed with the circular saw there are even dished blades available for circular cutting with a circular saw.

Table saw small circle cutting is done with a table mounted pivot.  It blew me away when an elderly deaf mute master carpenter showed me how to do this.  He could not speak but was one of my best instructors.

I agree with John, The pair of top holes or even the diagonal side slots are a pain to use because you are applying uneven pressure and the plug,  especially if thick, will jam.  Just remove the mandrel.  A vise helps.  Also cutting half way  from each side will give you a pull out handle.

The frequent point of difficulty with a hole saw is cost.  You only want a sharp hole saw and the cost can be an issue.  Plus, an assortment of them for on site use can get heavy & stolen.  I have several dozen for wood and tile,  Extremely helpful.

Eternity is a long time to have been wrong.

Check out web site for saw circle cutting blades.  Phone 502-495-2954.  Blades start at $44.  They also have trammels to mount your circular saw.

One of the uses suggested on their website is specifically for cutting curved model train track beds.

Eternity is a long time to have been wrong.

Rod Stewart posted:
gunrunnerjohn posted:

Yep, I don't want to have more money tied up in tools than I do in trains!

John, if you are like most of the rest of us train nuts, that would be hard to do! 😱


Yep, probably no danger in that happening if the truth were to be told.

Stairway Wall of Trains


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David98 posted:

Only $20 on Amazon search for Gardner-Bender-WSP-100E-Electrical-Dispenser

Tom, thanks!


Thank you David!  My adult kids finally convinced me to join Amazon Prime.  It has been great Christmas shopping since I hate stores.  I’ll look it up tomorrow!!!

John a really cool way to cut plywood into sub roadbed curves, Is take your plywood (don't go cheap with plywood)  to a place that makes counter tops.  They can cut  that plywood into curves on their CNC machine. I have not done this but my neighbor offered to do it. 

Tom Tee posted:

For decking consider Advantech 4' X 8' X 3/4"sheets  @ $30.oo +/- each.  Available at 84 Lumber,  select Lowe's  and quality lumber yards.   HD had it for a while under their brand of Ameritech.

Very strong, extremely flat and smooth.  Non  responsive to moisture.  Certified for use in home construction to be good for four months open to weather.  Very affordable. 

 I have been  experimenting supporting it on 22" & 32" centers with no deflection in 7 years. 

Also, I just added a three rail upper level to my 2 rail layout.  Knowing  how loud three rail trains  are, as an experiment I used various deck materials. Because Advantech is so extremely dense it is the quietest structural decking material I have ever used.   You can hear the difference when the train travels from any thickness plywood  to Advantech.  As an aside, IMO, sound systems and slower speeds make three rail  wheel/track  sound much more bearable.

Advantech is great stuff!

That Advantech is an awesome product!  We used it to floor a 25x21 loft we put in one of our buildings.  It is printed with markings for attaching at 16, 19.2, and 24 inches.  Now the weather rating is no warping or separation issues for 500 days in weather.  Bad thing is it will kill circle saw blades and nails spark when you shoot em its so hard!    But that is a good thing also! 


Anything can be accomplished, with proper funding. 

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