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Hi Darren,

I think I'm done playing around with a plan. I followed your design basically with the trestle section, a little closer. Decided not to have most of the lower loop hidden and will probably follow your lead with a trestle at the lower outside. I also realized I can get by with a 30” turntable rather than a 34” saving a little space. For the most part the plan is a guide for benchwork and I'll certainly adjust as I go along. All I need is the nerve to tear down my existing layout! Since I’m really in no hurry, I may build a study model before I proceed with demolition. 

Thanks again for the renewed inspiration!

TrainLayout_12.5 x 22.5_v5-3


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Oh yes, I can click on it in the blue box on the bottom with my iPhone, but don't see it on the main area.

Is this intended to be open in the middle to walk through or just one big table.  If walk through, it looks a bit tight, that's why I ask!  Looks nice overall though 

Not sure why the image doesn't show up.

Yes it is walk through and a little tight. It would be a minimum of 18" but I'd like to get it to a minimum of 24"-30". I have a little room to play with to open up that area if I shift to the right. Right now I have a 12" wide walk through for 2' on my existing layout. It's tight and awkward but doable. I'd rather have a tight squeeze than a duck under!

I'm 61, and my back is not bad  but my knees are are worse.  Though now that I think of it, my back hurts too, and I have trouble straightening up.  I guess you could say, I feel your pain!!  Too bad we don't have room to build something that has no difficult access at all.  

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