Joe mentioned a campground with small trailers and tents... that theme seems perfect because the open area is far enough removed from areas of activity and has a 'remote" look to it.  Could always use the area as a parking lot for hikers and campers taking advantage of the surrounding wooded areas.  A few motor cyclists could stop by to take a look;  families in "period" station wagons making a visit; a police car or two stopping at a hot dog stand. I recall that 'Artista" has a nice vendor set-up.  

Of course if you want to use the Wicked Wanda theme, you could just change the name and most would never know...just make sure the parking lot is big dog stand and police cars still could apply


Avanti posted:

When I saw the picture of that space, I immediately thought of that little corner of the Lionel Super-O showroom layout with the #175 Rocket Launcher tucked away up in the mountains. 

Can't find a good picture, but here's one from the "Model Railroading" book:

Lionel rocket launch pad

That rocket looks like a tabasco bottle.....and that gives me an idea.....!


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