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@superwarp1 posted:

My wish for the next catalog are as follows.

1. Works correctly out of the box, no loose pieces floating around in the box

2. Correctly painted, accurate representation of what they are trying to model

3. Knuckle couplers that work

4. No cheap *** assembly like what we got from that factory in Vietnam with the two bay hoppers

5. Back to paint, no chipping paint like what we got with the milk cars on the door hinges.

Is that to much to ask for????

And, of course, articulated couplers. BTW, this is not a wish. It is absolutely essential.


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How about some Amtrak stuff for their 50th Anniversary!

I'd like to see reissued amfleets & Cab cars. It would be better if Lionel produced them in phase III since they only made phase IVb amfleets, circa 2010 (the last time they were sold). I don’t know if this would be possible, but a model of #1001 (Beech Grove) would be a welcomed addition. If Lionel keeps the 0-36 minimum, that allows people with smaller layouts to order these cars too!

It would also be nice for a re-issue of the legacy F40PH.
Final thought: a legacy version of the HHP-8?

Please let me know your thoughts on these product ideas.


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My big wish is that Lionel stop changing the paint schemes on locomotives between catalog photos and production. This goes especially for high end BTO items that people have to preorder.

When you order this..........................


and get this.............................

VL Niagara delivered

or ordered this...........................

NYC 4-6-0 1232 2020v2

and get this........................


something went wrong somewhere. At some point someone made the decision to paint the smoke box a different color. Why does this happen? I wish it would stop! It is just not right to do this to your customers who pay a premium up front, and deserve to get what they paid for.


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  • VL Niagara delivered
  • NYC 4-6-0 1232 2020v2
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In service 21" passenger sets with a new blunt end dome observation car.

Make a standard observation car and offer different Herald parts that can be purchased separately and plugged into the end.

City of....

Los Angeles

San Francisco

St. Louis



UnionPacific_60820005_1500w~2modelers can purchase the one named train herald they want or all of them.

Too bad it will never happen.


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  • UnionPacific_60820005_1500w~2
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I was very disappointed I missed the MrMuffins run. Thought I might have more than a month to buy a set but no extras were available. The first train I ever got as a kid was the Lionel Lake Shore Limited so I would like a Legacy version of the Amtrak phase 1 paint scheme sometime in the future. I would be happy with fantasy F3s too like the old Lionel ones. It looks like the O scale business truly is built to order now or you miss out.

i forgot to add these in my original post  but how about a lionchief reissue of the maritime exploration titanic set as well as a redo of the operation eagle justice set. perhaps lionel could give that cancelled new haven ft trailer van lionchief set another try as i think what killed it was lack of orders caused by an incorrect name for the set. It was labeled as an alco set when the art showed an EMD FT diesel. what a pitty because that set was beautiful and would have looked great hauling freight as main for the Allegheny City local train AC077.

An O scale wood caboose with the 1930's and 1940's era paint scheme of the Grand Trunk Western for the GTW steam locomotives that have been released in the past 10 years would be good.

An O scale wood caboose with the 1950's era paint scheme of the Grand Trunk Western to run behind trains with GTW early diesel locomotives has not been done yet.


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