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I’m building a small layout.  You can track my saga here and here.  I will have 4 switches and 7-12 accessories.  I run a Lionchief Hogwarts Express and an MTH Explorer set.  When I get a new set (or two), they will also be either a LionChief system or an MTH Explorer compatible.  What should I use to control my switches and accessories from the comfort of my tablet, Lionel LCS or MTH DCS?  Which do you like?  Why?  DCS is $441 on ModelTrainStuff, and I would have to shelve my Explorer.  LCS is $342.

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Mr George,

Sense you already own FasTrack, I would slow down save and purchase both DCS & Legacy units, if you have the money to install them at the same time, it's a lot less hassle.  You are sooner or later going to want them both anyway.  It's easier to install DCS on your FasTrack 1st, however with your FasTrack you will want Lionel FasTrack Wireless Command Control Switches, that can be operated via remote control, by a Legacy Cab2 or TMCC Cab1L.   

I run both DCS & Legacy on FasTrack, and love it.  Make sure you get the most up to date DCS & Legacy units, when you purchase.  No need for a DCS AIU when running FasTrack with FTCC wireless Switches.  Purchase only the DCS HHRC and the TIU.

Have fun building your new DCS/Legacy layout.





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I have both and reverted back to toggle throws (from command control) because i'm a failure at the remotes and can never keep track of which switch is where, in what position, etc...  but that's my problem. I view the two systems as something like colgate vs crest. Legacy is a little easier just to set up, because it's one wire on the outer rail.  But DCS isn't that much harder.  Putting them together seems to work without issue (for me, some complain about signal issues with either for what i perceived to be very large layouts).

I personally only have Legacy at home, and have no plans to control via tablet or phone.  But I will use the LCS items with my Cab-2 to throw switches and turn power on and off on spurs.

With that said, and the fact you are only looking at MTH or LC+ locomotives, I would go DCS so you have 1 remote to control all MTH locomotives and track.  I wouldn't worry about LCS unless you plan to also get Legacy locomotives.  Then I would do both DCS and LCS.

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