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Greg J. Turinetti posted:

I realize that this thread is about buying or making things that are tinplate related.  So this post is a bit of a stretch, but today my wife and I closed on a new home for the "Northwoods Flyer Collection" - which is mainly all tinplate. 

This is where the collection and layout will be housed.20191031_124113A new adventure begins....

Northwoods Flyer


Looks like fun Greg!


George S posted:

I’m experimenting with some ways to incorporate plastic models into my tinplate layout. Here is an attempt with my Atlas engine shed.


The gloss enamel paint in a rich color is intended to make it fit in better. I will have my Darstaed tin litho engine shed nearby on the layout.


That is an impressive engine shed! I agree the gloss roof fits well with Tinplate. Love it

Got this KBN Gütherhalle (goods shed) i the mail on Monday- excellent condition. The door was either replaced(should be solid blue) or someone painted the lines on it- otherwise I love this thing- it's become the center piece of my stub siding!:


 Stub Siding includes: the Gütherhalle, Lionel switch tower kit, Lionel shed kit, Lionel "unloading" stand, Marx uncoupling sign, ertl truck(plan to replace with a RR named vehicle)manual o42 switch, plasticville figures(guys walking with cans), and either MTH or Woodland Scenics workers(woman in shed w/ hay bail, guy on platform with buckets)


Back view of the gutherhalle(TIMBER!!!!-FALLEN TREE lol)


Probably my favorite piece on the layout right now(until the next one!) If anyone was wondering, it is indeed supposed to have 2 shades of yellow. Picture of siding from the North End( with Bing & KBN/BW baggage cars)



Also got a heck of a deal on this Corgi forward March set!! Essentialy 60% off of the usual price-. WW2 era- German halftrack anti aircraft-gun truck and 3 figures( 2 in the background patrolling the border- hopefully the refugee and his dog make it across. These Corgi soldiers and vehicles are 1:50 scale(they measure a bit over half an inch) and finding soldiers that go with "O" is very difficult. Figure height is my biggest "pet-peeve" for my own layout where I try to have ALL of my figures on my main layout American O-scale. For soldiers, I have to settle between 1:43 and 1:50 scale or 1.5 inches +/- .25.


Battle in the international zone of the west end rages on as the (insert tbd name fr bad guys) try to overrun the United Nations base.


Picture from the south of the wes end- now with grass mat underneath. Finally got the Lionel 58 prewar Lamp Post to work(between the Glen Ellyn and Bing Stations). All stations on this end are part of an"International zone" but the stations to the left are exclusive to Allied(good guys) while the stations on the right are under the jurisdiction of the (TBD name for the bad guys). Tomorrow night or Friday the MTH RealTrax will be replaced by an O-22 switch b/c the spot where I stood to take this picture will have a nice 4x4 table and possibly a 4 by 3 table extending from that for a U shape. Can barely wait!



Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving


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George S posted:

I’m experimenting with some ways to incorporate plastic models into my tinplate layout. Here is an attempt with my Atlas engine shed.


The gloss enamel paint in a rich color is intended to make it fit in better. I will have my Darstaed tin litho engine shed nearby on the layout.


Looks good.  I try the same thing with my layout...color and texture is the thing.  I am also adding wooden structure kits, walkways and the like.  With the correct paint/stain it works.


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George S posted:

Awesome Steve! Your first few pictures aren’t displaying for me. 

I love how you mix toy soldiers into your layout. 

It’s also great that you keep adding on. The real world isn’t static; why should your model railroad be?



Thank you @George S my grandpop was a HUGE antique collector, of everything- but his toy soldiers and other toy army items were always some of my favorites. The trailer in the last picture, the Manoil terracota gun in the "battle" scene, the Blue delivery van by the diner, the plasticville farm and the majority of it's contents, and more were all from him.

At the Greenberg Toy & Train Show in Edison NJ Show last weekend, I picked up a Lionel Lighted Standard Gauge Tunnel and some clear and read bulbs for my Prewar engines.

Always wanted this tunnel and it is in pretty good condition for the age and size of it and the price made me want to buy it!!

Happy Camper

There was a lot of other tin-plate but did not have the monies for it (leave something for others), maybe next time.


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Since a lot of people have been posting their prewar tunnels, I decided I’d post mine as well as some vehicles and a new addition about which I’m quite curious. Last few pictures, Help in identifying would be very appreciated!!:

Got both of these from Pop- on the left is the 18 inch, non-lined Lionel tunnel with a 604 observation headed through. On the right is what I believe is a general model corporation tunnel. Vehicles in the background are: Matchbox super king missle launcher, Corgi British police car on top of the red trailer with white wheels, unknown maker for both auto carriers and I think, but am not sure, the red trucks pulling them are Hubley( I knew what one was, definitively, but forgot a lot after my head injury).8013E341-E6CC-4C10-85DD-FD395A2D2BDF

sticker inside the plaster tunnel: G.  C. M. CO. For a whomping .59$! My Grammy still has another tunnel of this materialthat curves in the attic that I really need to check out.


Closer shot of the Lionel tunnel . Also, while it’s not tinplate- wanted to include the B&O k-line boxcar I just bought on Tuesday @Nick Smith’s along with that semaphore...24084FD4-72BB-4B7D-9915-1BCCF69669B0

All white, lattice mast, red top. One “wing”(I believe that’s what it’s called). Base is litho’d stone which is what caught my eye.6CE56F5B-54AF-47D1-94A2-EDC13570A059

I assume this was a bell or something electronic as there’s a wire connected to it.


Top of bad, there’s the wire and a metal bar that it appear someone out there. Speaking of just out there...90821720-911C-4F48-B648-1DA920BB4AA9107CA0E2-AD00-4272-9AFB-6ADDEC8F01E6

the tabs are loose, stays in well enough, but that’s leading me to believe that the semaphore doesn’t belong to thebase.CD7CAA86-6AB3-4101-A0EA-70F00F0AA6FC

as you can seee, no markings. I was going through all the signals on, Ives society, and other site made by KBN, Ives, Bing, Marx, Flyer Lionel, Märklin, and more. A couple base look-a-likes and a few semaphores but none that paired together. Ideas anyone?? I like the piece- compared to the other tinplate accessory signals I liked this one and as I said the base caught my eye. Plus, it’s just a neat looking semaphore That I thought would look nice on my layout.


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So, after going through a bunch of semaphores and identifying key features to compare on mine, I do indeed believe that this one has the correct base and is the original lattice but no longer has the red paint and is missing a wing.


The cap at the top is red and the design pattern before that cap matches with this first one, as does the base and height of the upper wing. The "X" pattern lattice is the same as well. Only thing is this is eletrified and my base shows no signs of ever having such binding posts- plus a total absence of that red paint(I'd expect to maybe see a little). Link below Shot 2019-12-04 at 1.32.12 PM

Two of my other "candidates". The stumper here is ths is the only one I saw with a litho'd base like that.

Bing Semaphore similar lattice

Screen Shot 2019-12-04 at 1.31.05 PM

Thoughts? Lol


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  • Bing Semaphore similar lattice
  • Screen Shot 2019-12-04 at 1.31.05 PM
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terry hudon posted:

alittle wheeling and dealing and its mine,,,,truly a great piece ,I purchase a set awhile back just to get the operating track,,,i have never seen one for sale,,,now I just have to wire the track !20191204_124046

That darned track section is harder to find than the cars!!! The 492 baggage car track section ain’t easy either but I have a couple of those. I will have to get some repro guns for my armored car at some point. Yours is nice and clean!!

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