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Survey for new Lionel S scale product

I have been very impressed with Lionel's latest S scale products. I've purchased a pair of Berkshires and 6 Cylindrical hoppers recently and I'm very happy with all of them. This got me thinking about the S scale market and what Lionel might do next. Especially considering the upcoming closure of MTH. Doing a survey can be dangerous as it could show that we all want something different so I'm putting down what I've heard most from fellow S scale/Hi-Rail  modelers. I'm speaking of scale detailed products here, not traditional AF type models but I think even the AF crowd has started to embrace these new offerings.  Select any/all of the following that you would actually purchase if Lionel produced it. We'll see how this goes and hopefully Ryan will chime in at some point.

Legacy Diesel (Ex. SD40-2, GP30, SD90, etc...)
Legacy Steam (Large - Big Boy, Allegheny, Yellowstone, Texas, Santa Fe, etc...)
Legacy Steam (Med - Northern, Hudson, Pacific, etc...)
Legacy steam (Small - Consolidation, Mogul, Switcher, etc...)
Scale freight car along the lines of the updated Cyl. Hoppers
85' Passenger cars with detailed interiors, figures, LED lights, kinematic couplers (Kadee compatible)
74' Passenger cars with detailed interiors, figures, LED lights, kinematic couplers (Kadee compatible)
Caboose with detailed interiors, figures, LED lights, Kadee pads
Station Sounds / Freight Sounds equipped Passenger/freight cars
S scale structures
Numbered turnouts and/or curved turnouts for the FasTrack system
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OK.  I added my 2 cents.

I suspect it's a good thing you avoided going off into the weeds by offering suggestions as to specific prototypes.  The one thing for sure is Lionel or whomever has to look forward, not backwards.  As much as I can admire "traditional S," it's dying the death of a thousand cuts. 



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This survey is asking for scale type products.  Lionel will not do those. 

It needed to have modern sized box cars, tank cars. Hoppers, and gondolas with non scale high rail wheels. Lionel might invest in tooling for these.

Aren't we negative? I'm assuming you didn't see the 5th option:

"Scale freight car along the lines of the updated Cyl. Hoppers"

The Cylindrical hoppers are scale models with scale trucks that come with Hi-Rail wheels and AF couplers but can be easily swapped for scale wheels and couplers. Why couldn't they do that with modern sized box cars, tank cars, hoppers, and gondolas? They absolutely could. If they sell enough Cylindrical Hoppers then I'm fairly certain we will see a new scale car soon.

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